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The Wire changes their voter turnout report after fake news was caught, comes up with hilarious update claiming 11 crore is less than 9...

9,13,79,409 electors cast their votes in the first phase of 2019 polls, while 11,00,52,103 votes were cast in the first phase of 2024 polls, Wire claims this is a dip of 1.86 crore votes

Next Nobel Prize in maths, tough competition to Priyanka Chaturvedi: Netizens mock AAP’s Raghav Chadha over ‘debt per person in Gujarat’ calculations

Ragha Chadha, who happens to be a Chartered Accountant by profession before joining politics, said every person in Gujarat has a debt of Rs 58,000 crores

Journalist Rohini Singh displays her ignorance, claims the evidence of ancient Indian knowledge is ‘WhatsApp information’

Rohini Singh terms Karnatana govt teaching ancient Indian knowledge on various subjects is 'WhatsApp information'

Hyderabad-based math genius claims to have solved the 161-year-old Riemann hypothesis: Details

The Riemann Hypothesis is one of the biggest problems concerning the mathematical world, with it being declared as a millennium problem.

Blast from the past – Now The Print journalist’s complicated relationship with math gets exposed, video goes viral

In April 2020, during an interview, The Print journalist Jyoti Malhotra got confused about the difference between one million and 85,000

AICTE withdraws notification, says Physics, Mathematics continue to be important subjects for engineering courses

A day after reports that mathematics and physics at Class XII-level are being made optional for engineering courses, AICTE has done a u-turn

This is why the decade is ending in 2019, and not in 2020. Some Maths and lots of history

Although technically the decade should after 2020, historically the years from 0 to 9 are called a decade

Yogi govt to make subjects like maths and science compulsory in state’s madrasas

The Yogi government seems to be embarking on a plan to modernise the madrasas

PTI spreads fake news again, Rahul Gandhi uses it to score a political point

The news agency spread fake news about Uttar Pradesh government slashing education budget.

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