Saturday, July 13, 2024



Manipur: Brutal murder of Meitei students sparks fresh protests in Imphal, 50 students injured as youngsters demand justice

Meanwhile, medical students from JNIMS and Shija Academy of Health Sciences organised a demonstration calling for the arrest of those responsible for the suspected murder of the two missing Meiteis.

Manipur violence: SC says journalists can’t be prosecuted even if their report is false, calls the complaint ‘a counter-narrative of the govt’

Hearing the Editors Guild case, the SCorally remarked that prosecuting journalists for making false statements in an article would be 'egregious'

Meiteis living in Mizoram start to leave the state after ex-militant outfit warns them to leave ‘for their own safety’

PAMRA had said that brutality on the two Kuki women had hurt the Mizo people, and therefore Meiteis in Mizoram should leave the state

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