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Monkeypox vaccine: SII CEO Adar Poonawalla meets Union Health Minister, says vaccine research is underway

SII CEO Adar Poonawalla said research is underway for monkeypox vaccine.

As most Monkeypox cases remain confined to gay men, WHO warns against stigmatisation, says it can spread to general population

Data shows over 90% of Monkeypox patients are gay men, which is 99% in UK, USA and Canada

George Soros executive contracts monkeypox and STD after having sex with multiple men

George Soros exec Sebastian Kohn contracted Monkeypox and Gonorrhea after having sex with multiple men.

WHO declares monkeypox outbreak a global health emergency 

The WHO on Saturday has declared monkeypox spread a global health emergency as cases surge across the world.

Second case of Monkeypox confirmed in India, both patients are from Kerala

Second case of Monkeypox confirmed in Kerala after Dubai-returned man found infected.

Europe, US on alert over detection of Monkeypox cases: What is the virus, symptoms and its transmission across the globe

Several cases of Monkeypox infection have been reported from various countries in Europe, raising concerns

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