Topic: Muslim Appeasement

The decision to set up the parallel courts could be a blow to the respect and integrity for India's secular judiciary.
The days of perverted appeasement politics is definitely over and seems to have had a quiet burial.
He starts off by branding the entire passport fiasco as a Hindu-Muslim issue and not an administrative one, which is actually what it was.
The Congress is trying to woo both opposition parties and Muslims ahead of 2019 general elections.
The NDA government is refusing to change its stance despite pressure from 'eminent' personalities.
Hindus of Karnataka have shown the Congress that they do keep their eyes and ears open.
'I don't leave my people on festivals,' said Banerjee.
Youth Congres handle tweets, 'we the Muslims' then deletes and soon jumps to defend it
There is no disagreement here, they packaged the same bigotry differently
Indian secularists are blocking every avenue which could make India a harmonious society.
Muslim orphanages say they do not fall under the purview of Juvenile homes
Hindus will set themselves up for a lot of trouble if they vote for Congress
Salman Khurshid puts forward one of the most ridiculous and regressive argument defending Triple Talaq
The Congress and the Left are anything but the harbingers of Freedom of Expression

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