Topic: Muslim Appeasement

Hamid Ansari referred to Sardar Patel's speech delivered in Delhi, four days prior to India's Independence
Rahul Gandhi in his desperate attempt to boost his image had met some Muslim intellectuals who also conveyed their displeasure with the party
According to Azad, it appears Islamic intolerance towards Hinduism is not communal in nature. 
Yogi Adityanath on Saturday had announced that his government will rename the Allahabad district to Prayagraj if a consensus is achieved.
Kerala High Court says there is no proof that Muslim women are not allowed inside mosques
Another ‘confusion’. Shame on anybody who tried to stoke a controversy over this.
And till we have a better world, we need a Hindu nation here in India. Equal rights for Hindus in India would be a good beginning.
The TMC government had announced last month that they would give Rs.10,000 each to all the Durga Puja committees in the state.
There has to be a better way to get this done. A slick new way. Like a rockstar, you know?
The Supreme Court in its landmark judgement had declared the practice of 'Triple Talaq' as arbitrary and unconstitutional.
Wassem Rizvi had earlier supported to build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and has stated that Muslims who do not want Ram Mandir in Ayodhya should go to Pakistan
How do you like your Indian secularism now? Feels great, doesn’t it?
The Supreme Court monitored exercise was conducted in Assam to weed out illegal immigrants
The Supreme Court has ruled that Islamic practices like Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala are unconstitutional.
The girl's mother petrified to stay in the Muslim dominated area said that they would leave the area once her daughter was traced
After watching Netflix’s Ghoul I can cheer this bunch on as they continue to peddle propaganda and lose the love they earned
A case of sedition is also filed against the cleric and two other persons
Hindu groups have alleged that the question paper was intentionally set to incite communal tension
First you lose lives; then you lose the memory of these lives and instead of outrage are left with guilt.
The Triple Talaq Bill was intended not only to bring gender justice but also to strike at the heart of mob power.
The illegal cow smuggling and slaughtering has on a rise recently in India
Mulk Director mocks a Twitter user named Vikas, Twitter responded in kind
The Commission has ordered the government to present the year-wise details of the grants that AMU received from its establishment till 2018-19.
Nirmala Sitharaman said that its for Rahul Gandhi to come out and clarify
The statements of the former Vice President raises questions on the credentials of the ability and intellectual level of the person
The AIUDF MLA has been accused of raping the victim with the help of her husband
As citizens, we would be no less responsible for our indifference.
The decision to set up the parallel courts could be a blow to the respect and integrity for India's secular judiciary.

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