Saturday, September 25, 2021



Gujarat: Newborn twins test positive for COVID-19 after parents also test positive for the infection, babies stable

Doctor in Gujarat confirmed that both parents of the newborn twins had also been tested positive for the COVID-19 infection

Gujarat: Woman gives birth in ambulance in Gir Somnath as the road was blocked by lions

After noticing the lions blocking the way, the ambulance stopped at the spot and the woman delivered her baby inside the ambulance.

Tesla Chief Elon Musk has a baby, shares the first picture of the baby boy on Twitter with a cryptic name

Technology billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter that he and his girlfriend Grimes have given birth to a baby boy

A day after testing positive for Coronavirus, pregnant wife of AIIMS doctor delivers a healthy baby

The woman is the wife of a senior doctor at AIIMS, Delhi, and he was also tested positive for Wuhan Coronavirus.

3-day-old baby becomes youngest coronavirus patient: Father alleges mother and baby were given a bed vacated by COVID-19 patient

The father of the newborn alleged that his wife and child were given a bed that was vacated by a covid-19 patient.

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