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‘Do this in a hijab’: Christians outraged after Rihanna’s ‘sexy nun’ photoshoot for Interview, singer had earlier apologised to Muslims

Many users blasted Rihanna for making light of a sacred Christian religious garment and dared her to do the same with an Islamic attire.

Luxury brand ‘Balenciaga’ under fire over disturbing photoshoot of children with BDSM theme, here is what happened

The children were shown posing with teddy bears, which were dressed in fishnet tops, leather harnesses and collars with locks.

Mumbai-based NGO files complaint against actor Ranveer Singh for ‘hurting women’s sentiments’ after pictures of his nude photoshoot goes viral

Just like everything else from Bollywood, the Ranveer Singh photoshoot was 'inspired' by the west, with most people seeing similarities to Burt Reynolds' photoshoot

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