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PM Modi US visit

Congress trolls share old video claiming US Prez Biden mocked PM Modi about how to toast with a non-alcoholic beverage: Here is the truth

A longer video of the event was then shared by ANI from the State Dinner event in June 2023. There, as PM Modi and the guests present laugh over President Biden's anecdote, the translator says in Hindi, "Mr. PM, as Mr. President said when they do not have alcohol, they are expected to raise the toast with their left hand. Earlier we were under the impression that there were going to be no glasses. But now we have been informed that the glasses contain ginger ale."

White House comes out in defence of WSJ ‘journalist’ Sabrina Siddiqui: How right to criticise is not harassment, the hypocrisy of Biden admin and...

The White House is now getting worked up over average Indian citizens questioning the motives of a Pakistani-origin American journalist.

Anti-Modi, anti-India rants: Meet Sabrina Siddiqui, ‘journalist’, born to Pakistani parents, who got a befitting reply from PM Modi about ‘minorities’ in India

The question posed to PM Modi by 'journalist' Sabrina Siddiqui jibed perfectly well with the hackneyed liberal propaganda portraying the Modi as the enemy of the Muslims

Ro Khanna, who supported Rahul Gandhi and is part of the Pakistan Caucus, now praises PM Modi, says he delivered a ‘very powerful speech’

US House Representative Ro Khanna who has been close to Congress's Rahul Gandhi and who is also part of the Pakistan Congressional Caucus, showered praises for PM Modi

Congress’ Supriya Shrinate spreads fake news, attributes false quotes about PM Modi to White House spokesperson John Kirby

Netizens mocked Shrinate for spreading fake news by putting false quotes in the name of Kirby. They highlighted that the quotes used by Shrinate was a paragraph from a Reuters report and not at all what Kirby said.

‘Those who build temples and believe in God are BJP supporters who don’t believe in democracy’: Sam Pitroda makes bizarre statements

'Temple construction does not create jobs, defence-deals should not happen because it is against Gandhian principle of non-violence': Sam Pitroda

PM Modi to address Joint US Congress this week: The past 11 times he addressed foreign legislature and how he surpasses past PMs

In the past 9 years, PM Narendra Modi has addressed 11 foreign parliaments, surpassing other PMs - here is a list

Anti-India Islamist and leftist groups plan protests during PM Modi’s US visit, prepare “Modi Not Welcome,” “Save India from Hindu Supremacy” banners

Islamists and anti-India organisations have planned protests during PM Modi's state visit over alleged human right violations in India

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