Saturday, September 18, 2021


Pratik Sinha

Leftist student ‘activist’ celebrates conversion to Islam, ‘neutral’ political observers fail to see the hypocrisy

Indian communists have always been prone to romanticizing Islam and Christianity and while denigrating Hinduism.

#MeToo: Professor and columnist for Mukul Sinha’s portal suspended on sexual assault charges by MICA

He had also once claimed, without evidence, that 98% of temples in Gujarat don't allow Dalits

Co-founder of AltNews spreads lies about OpIndia, gets exposed by netizens

One wonders if the biased and clearly incompetent fact-checkers would fact-check themselves, now. 

Journalists and activist admonish Tripura CM after believing a parody account

Will self-proclaimed fact checkers take cognisance?

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