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Rahul gandhi Supreme court tussle seems to be coming to climax as Rahul Gandhi submits unconditional apology in the Supreme Court for wrongly attributing the 'Chowkidar Chow Hai' jibe to the court order.
In the affidavit, the Centre said, Monitoring of progress of the Rafale deal by the PMO cannot be construed as interference or parallel negotiations.
The French Embassy has clarified that this is "fake news" and that no Pakistani pilots have been trained in the Rafales delivered to Qatar.
Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi have tried all their might to scuttle the deal by purveying lies about the deal and allegations of corruption against the Modi government, despite CAG and Supreme Court dismissing their claims.
A Bench headed by CJI Gogoi blamed the publicity seeking lawyers for not correcting the defects in the review petitions and causing a delay in the hearing.
Rivaldo has exposed the hypocrisy and double standards adopted by Congress President Rahul Gandhi over Rafale deal.
The data available in the public domain clearly shows the present Rafale deal represents a beneficial deal for the country and the Indian Air Force.
Modi's tenure can be described as a nationwide diagnostic test since we do not even know the extent to which our institutions have been compromised.
Government defends the Rafale deal, says all procedures followed
It will be interesting to see if Rahul Gandhi will now stop bringing up HAL in his attack on the government on the Rafale deal.
Dassault selected Reliance on its own, clarified CEO Éric Trappier
The French defence expert has confirmed that the so-called Dassault official documents are actually trade union leaflets
All allegations made by Rahul Gandhi have been already refuted by India, France and Dassault
The Supreme Court had clearly denied issuing a notice to the centre
Dassault Aviation clarifies, offset is mandatory, not Reliance as a partner
Air Marshal appreciated the NDA government for buying 36 off-the-shelf Rafale fighter jets from France, calling it a 'bold step'
Rahul Gandhi's allegations regarding Rafale have been outrageous, but this one takes the cake
Such incoherent and baseless mentions make these allegations frivolous without any substance or relation to the above listed actual facts.
"Public discourse is not a laughter challenge," Arun Jailtey on Rahul Gandhi
As the election season approaches, Rahul Gandhi has determined that the Rafale deal is the best strategy to corner Narendra Modi
Dassault has officially stated that partnership with Reliance Defence was its own choice and it is presently negotiating with a hundred more companies for investments in India.
The world’s largest democracy must seriously introspect whether public discourse should be allowed to be polluted by the falsehood
Not to put down achievements of HAL, but perhaps it was not ready for Rafale.
The AICC legal cell has stated that the Congress party thinks the apex court is not a forum for raising such an issue.
The IAF chief insisted that Rafale and S-400s are crucial to boost India's combative strength for a two-front war.
Congress is trying to intensify its offensive Modi and BJP in the run-up to the General Elections next year
Ambani said that he was personally saddened by the allegations hurled by Rahul Gandhi
NewX has accessed the copy of the Rafale deal papers, which clearly proves Rahul lied on the floor of the house
BJP is planning to move a privilege motion against Rahul Gandhi
It is evident that the Congress is planning to repeat lies, hoping one would stick.

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