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Pakistan: 13-year-old boy raped inside a mosque while learning Quran during Ramadan in Muzaffargarh, accused arrested

Muzaffargarh police spokesperson stated, “The suspect is accused of raping a minor boy who was observing Aitkaf.”

Germany: Two teachers ban non-Muslim fifth graders from drinking water due to 3 Muslim classmates fasting during Ramadan in Frankfurt

According to the girl, the announcement made by the two teachers does not appear to be a school requirement in Germany.

‘France is already Allah’s’, ‘Submit to Allah’, ‘Happy Ramadan, non-Muslims’: 58 graves, war memorial, and church vandalised with Islamic graffiti

A total of 58 burial sites in Clermont-d’Excideuil cemetery in France were scribbled over with offensive Islamic writings. 

Mamata Banerjee; ‘Muslim journalist’ and Islamists start inciting violence, “CAA implemented on eve of Ramzan” seems to be the new toolkit

As soon as the Union Home Ministry officially notified the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), journalists, lawmakers, and Islamists, went into overdrive spreading false information that the Act discriminates against Muslims returned with a new toolkit, this time using the Muslim festival of Ramadan to promote their anti-Modi rhetorics

Saudi Arabia: Mohammad Bin Salman bans Iftar in mosques, prohibits Imams from collecting donations for Iftar ahead of Ramadan 2024

In addition to banning the collection of donations for Iftars, the Islamic Affairs Ministry of Saudi Arabia also imposed a ban on organising Iftar feasts inside the mosques raising concerns regarding cleanliness.

Pakistan: Country prepares for a fresh round of price rise in Ramadan 2023 as govt increases taxes

The general sales tax (GST) and federal excise duty were both raised by the government of the country on Wednesday, making customers' woes even worse.

Congress leader Salman Nizami calls ‘The Kashmir Files’ actor Anupam Kher an ‘Islamophobic’, ‘bigot’ after he wishes Ramadan Mubarak

In response to Anupam Kher's Tweet, Salman Nizami wrote, "Coward, hypocrite, Neech, Islamophobic, bigot, hatemonger. Get lost!"

Israeli PM fears more terror attacks during Ramadan after 3 suspected terrorists were eliminated during a West Bank operation

Looking at the rising number of suspected terrorist attacks, Israeli internal security agencies face a challenge during Ramadan

Afghanistan: 255 killed and over 500 injured in 200 blasts and 15 suicide attacks amidst Ramzan

There has been a sharp spike in the number of incidents of violence, especially after the US declared a complete pullout of its troops by September 11

‘Regular prayers to Allah during Ramzan will eradicate Covid’: Raza Academy writes to CM, requests to keep Mosques open for Muslims

Raza Academy's Saeed Noori said, "We assure you that the holy month of Ramzan shall definitely eradicate this disease by the regular and devoted prayers to almighty Allah in this month by the believers."

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