Saturday, April 10, 2021



Pop star was paid over Rs.18 crores in dollars by PR firm with Khalistani links to tweet in support of farmer protests: Report

Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF), an organization based in Canada, played a “vital role” in “starting a global campaign”.

‘Kaun hai ye videshi kalakaar’: BKU leader Rakesh Tikait when asked about Rihanna and other foreign celebrities support his ‘protest’

It must be mentioned that Rakesh Tikait is one of the masterminds of the farmer tractor rally that led to an insurrection on 26th January

Greta ‘Toolkit’: Here is a list of journalists and news portals that the global conspirators against India trusted to be their allies

The 'toolkit' posted by Greta Thunberg contains names of several Indian portals & journalists considered as trusted by conspirators

Does this tweet by Kerala Congress, taken directly from ‘Toolkit’, expose how plan to make Rihanna tweet was afoot since mid-January: Details

Activist and baby-protestor Greta Thunberg and Rihanna tweeted in favour of the so-called farmers - and now, there is a Congress link

As the entire cricket team rallies behind India, Irfan Pathan speaks for rioters, compares to George Floyd

Irfan Pathan took to Twitter to take a veiled dig at those Tweeting in support of India's stand against the foreign meddlers

Kings XI Punjab Cricketer Sandeep Sharma compares farms laws with holocaust and slavery: Here is what transpired

Social media users pointed out to cricketer Sandeep Sharma that the farm laws can't be compared with the events mentioned by him

While Jack Dorsey endorses Rihanna’s anti-India tweet, Twitter pulls down Kangana Ranaut’s tweet on ‘farmers’ protest over violation

The action comes after Kangana Ranaut expressed vexation over Rihanna's Tweet in which latter endorsed violence in the name of supporting ‘farmer’ protests

Global Conspiracy Against India: Rihanna and Greta Thunberg tweets were planned well in advance, reveals Greta Files

Greta Thunberg and Rihanna tweeted in favour of the so-called farmers who have been protesting at the borders of Delhi

Twitter’s Jack fails to hide his anti-India bias, ‘likes’ tweets promoting Rihanna’s attempt to ‘uplift the oppressed’

Jack, the CEO of Twitter, promptly responded to Karen Attiah's fascination for Rihanna and her attempts to meddle in another country's affair by 'liking' all her posts.

‘External forces can be spectators, not participants’: Little Master Sachin Tendulkar hits global propaganda out of the park

Saying India’s sovereignty can't be compromised, Sachin Tendulkar urged people to unite as a nation against global propaganda.

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