Saturday, July 13, 2024


sajjad nomani

India Muslim Foundation chief and Jamia scholar Shoaib Jamai spews hate against Hindus, challenges Bageshwar Baba to make India a Hindu Rashtra, peddles ‘Bhagwa...

Dr Shoaib Jamai, Chairman of India Muslim Foundation, who had recently posted a thread of tweets spreading fake things about Hindu religious texts, was once again been caught spewing hate against Hindus

Maharashtra Congress leader’s wife Shabina Anis Qureshi says she is connected to Sajjad Nomani, known for endangering Hindus in the name of a mythical...

Link between Shabina Anis Qureshi and Sajjad Nomani emerged. Both are #BhagwaLoveTrap fame and misguide Muslims

Meet Sajjad Nomani, Maulvi endangering Hindus in the name of mythical Bhagwa love trap: Tropes about Muslim women turning ‘infidel’, Quranic verses, RSS and...

"There is a concerted effort to entrap as many Muslim girls as possible, destroy their Faith, have 'fun' with them and then discard them," Sajjad Nomani claimed.

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