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Pakistan: Police arrest man on blasphemy charges, mod attack and damage the police station demanding the suspect’s handover to them

A Police Station was attacked in Pakistan’s Okara by people after a man was arrested on blasphemy charges. demanding his handover to them

Pakistan: Premature babies suffer as Islamic clerics withdraw approval for breast milk bank, shuts down ‘haram’ initiative in less than 2 weeks

Dr Syed Rehan Ali of the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology lamented, "The milk bank was one way of reducing our dismal neonatal mortality rate."

Madhya Pradesh High Court legtimises Sharia, says that marriage of a Muslim man with ‘idolatress’ not valid even if registered under Special Marriage Act,...

Justice Gurpal Singh Ahluwalia, who adjudicated the matter, noted that a marriage between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl would be treated as an irregular (or fasid) marriage under Muslim personal law.

Telangana Police arrest Adilabad resident Abdul Ateeq for giving triple talaq to wife Jasmine via WhatsApp

The Adilabad police have arrested a man for declaring the banned instant 'triple talaq' to his wife via WhatsApp message.

Boycott of Israel, Sharia compliant ‘pension for Muslims’ and more: Read how Muslim vote bank is now dictating UK politics

The ‘Muslim vote’ which is supported by several controversial organisations submitted a list of 18 demands to Labour Party leader Keir Starmer.

Taliban to resume stoning women publicly for adultery to implement Sharia law strictly in Afghanistan

Taliban chief Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada has said that women in the country would be publicly flogged and stoned to death for adultery.

Did you know: In 2002, 100 people were killed in Nigeria in riots between Muslim and Christian mobs sparked by a report over Miss...

In 2002, Muslims and Christians clashed in Miss World Riots in Nigeria leaving over 100 dead

Malaysia: Kuantan High Court dismisses Orang Asli woman’s plea to renounce Islam and return to her tribe’s way of life, was converted by her mother

A Malaysian court dismissed a Orang Asli woman's lawsuit to challenge the legality of her conversion to Islam.

‘Don’t have powers to review Sharia court orders’: Court rejects appeal of Malaysian man wanting to revert to Christianity after divorcing his Muslim wife

A Malaysian man petitioned the Kuala Lumpur HC in Malaysia to renounce Islam and return to Christianity, his original faith, after divorcing his Muslim wife, but his appeal was rejected

Old video of Leicester violence provocateur Ali Dawah, calling for the execution of apostates in Islamic land, goes viral

The original video, calling for the killing of apostates, was published on the YouTube channel of the Ali Dawah on August 15, 2020.

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