Monday, September 27, 2021



Watch: Taliban brutally flogs a man in public for allegedly stealing a mobile phone

A video has emerged on social media in which a man was seen getting flogged by Talibs for allegedly stealing a mobile phone.

Afghanistan: Taliban stops entry of female employees inside Ministry of Women Affairs

The women employees now plan to protest near the ministry against the decision of the caretaker Taliban government.

Telangana: As five Muslim men abduct a Dalit Hindu man for travelling with a Muslim woman, netizens share more videos of ‘Sharia Police’ from...

Videos show groups of Muslim Men roaming around in Telangana preventing Muslim women from being with non-Muslim men

‘Afghanistan will be governed by Sharia law’: Taliban declares after announcing a cabinet full of globally wanted terrorists

Taliban 2.0 has even replaced the Ministry of Women Affairs with the "Ministry of Amr bil Ma'ruf wa Nahy aan al Munkar" (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice), as per reports.

Taliban goes through porn sites to compile lists of Afghan prostitutes to kill

Many videos have surfaced on porn sites where Afghan prostitutes were having sex with their clients. Talibs are reportedly hunting them down and killing them.

“Those caught stealing will have their hands chopped off as per Sharia Law of Islam”: The Taliban announces through a Kabul mosque

By announcing that hands of thieves will be chopped as per Sharia law, Taliban indicates it remains a hardliner fundamentalist Islamic group

The Taliban accepts women are not safe in their regime, tells Afghan women to stay at home as their soldiers are ‘not trained’ to...

Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said that women should not go to work for their own safety as Talibanis may harm them

‘Why your head is uncovered?’ Islamists attack 20-year-old Radio Jockey in Baramullah, laments that the ‘Chota Pakistan’ has western influence now

Islamists attack young radio jockey from Kashmir Samaniya Bhat for joining CRPF backed Radio Station and not covering head

From banning music, co-education to barring female employees to join work, the Taliban is back to imposing restrictions on women

After promising rights of women in media interviews, the Taliban has started imposing restrictions on women in Afghanistan

Taliban to give rights to women, but as per Sharia law: Here is what the Islamic law says about women

Let's try to understand what the much touted women's rights under Islamic Sharia mean in real life.

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