Monday, July 15, 2024



Backward, intolerant: France deports radical Tunisian Imam for referring to French flag as “Satanic” and “of no value to Allah”

France recently expelled a Tunisian Muslim cleric after he was arrested over allegations of radicalism, and making unacceptable remarks about the French flag.

UK: Tunisian asylum-seeker Maher Marroufe, who killed and nearly beheaded Indian-origin Student Sabita Thanwani, gets Psychiatric confinement from court

According to the prosecution, during his psychotic episodes, Maaroufe, who sometimes smoked 10 pounds of cannabis a day, “thought she was the male devil".

Israel-Hamas War: Historic synagogue in Tunisia burned down by hundreds of rioters, Palestinian flag raised

Hundreds of people were filmed setting fire to a synagogue in the central Tunisian city of Al Hammah.

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