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Pakistani leader’s daughter exposes how Pak Army ‘tutors’ youth on Kashmir

Pakistani leader Shireen Mazari’s daughter, Imaan Hazir Mazari, in a series of tweets, has accused Pakistani Army of tutoring the youth to show their stand on Kashmir. She accused the Army of trying to dictate what should go on their social media account.

She claims she never posted these tweets as suggested by Pakistani Army, because she felt something didn’t seem right. She goes on to explain how she reached out to Pakistani Army to help them with conducting research on Kashmir, a topic close to her heart.

She then accuses the Pakistani Army of trying to tutor her with a script which she should stick to.

She then claims how Pakistani Army is ‘feeding’ information to journalists which is lapped up by journalists to feel ‘important’.

One wonders then if these tactics are also used on some journalists functioning in India, considering the spate of anti India news and editorials recently. She further accuses the Pakistani Army of launching a coordinated attack on the dissenters. She accuses them of using these tactics to silence people for years. She even claimed how she was sent threats and inappropriate messages in a bid to get her to shut up.

She then appeals to others to realise that these campaigns are endangering their lives and asks them to not let the Army to bully them into silence.

This is not the first time Hazari has taken to social media to voice her dissent against the Pakistani Army. In November, 2017, she had posted a video criticising the Pakistani Army for the Faizabad sit-in and the aftermath of a botched operation by the federal government. Her mother Shireen, who serves as a chief whip for Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, had distanced herself from her daughter’s outburst.

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