Congress lies yet again, this time about prices of LPG cylinders

Congress maliciously compared subsidized prices during the Congress era to non-subsidized prices now.

Congress seems to have run out of innovative poll strategies and like the quintessential one trick pony, it has resorted to blatant lying over and over again. This time, Congress took to Twitter to lie about LPG prices under the Congress regime and those under the Modi regime.

After taking a juvenile dig saying Prime Minister Modi uses “Mitrogen” gas for cooking, Congress’ official handle on Twitter goes on to say LPG is selling at exorbitant prices, Rs. 1000 in some states.

It then plugs a graphic that shows during Congress, LPG was being sold at Rs. 344.75 and now, the same gas cylinder is being sold for Rs. 942.

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Congress, rather craftily, misleads its voters thoroughly.

LPG cylinders are sold at two different rates across the country. One, which is the subsidized rate, the other, is the non-subsidized rate where people have started giving up their subsidies voluntarily since the Prime Minister had urged people to do so.

Congress has conflated the two to further their rhetoric.

Following are the prices of non-subdized LPG cylinders across the four metropolitan cities as on November 7th 2018.

Source: Indane

It must be borne in mind that if someone avails the option of buying subsidized LPG cylinders, the difference of price between that and the non-subsidized cylinder is paid by the government.

From the prices mentioned, it is evident that Congress is quoting the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders. The Congress quoted the price as being Rs. 942, and on the Indane Gas website, as on 7th November 2018, the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders in Delhi was Rs. 942.50.

Now, if one goes by the graphic shared by Congress, one is to assume that the price of non-subsidised LPG cylinders in Delhi during the Congress regime was Rs. 344.75. This is however far from the truth.

In December 2013, when the Congress government was in power, to May 2014, when the Congress’ regime ended, the price of LPG, the prices were well within the same range. In fact, it touched a record of Rs. 1241 in January 2014.

Source: Here

It is thus evident that Congress was not comparing non-subsidised LPG prices during its own regime and Modi regime.

The only logical explanation is that Congress maliciously compared subsidized prices during the Congress era to non-subsidized prices now.

The prices of subsidized LPG’s as on 7th November 2018 were as following

Source: Indane

Since Congress took the non-subsidized price of Rs. 942 of Delhi, the subsidized price of LPG in Delhi as on 7th November 2018 is 507.42.

Now, is this price astronomically higher than what it used to be during the Congress regime?

If we look at more or less the same period in 2013, the prices of subsidized LPG in Delhi, one sees that in December 2013, the price of LPG was Rs 414

Then we take a look at what the prices of subsidized LPG’s were like even before 2013, during the Congress government’s rule. In 2004, the price of subsidized LPG was Rs. 241.6. By 2009, it climbed to 279.7 and by 2013, it increased to Rs. 414.

Source: Here

Interestingly, in the entire chart of subsidized LPG prices, right from January 2004 to today, we couldn’t find a single figure of Rs. 344.75 that has been quoted by the Congress.

In fact, if one looks at the increase in prices of subsidized LPG cylinders, one realises that the increase in 10 years of Congress government and that of 4.5 years of Modi government are poles apart. The prices, in Mumbai for example increased by 66.4% during 10 years of Congress and has increased by 11.5% in 4.5 years of the Modi government.

Here is how the price of subsidized cylinder grew when the Congress government was in power. Whereas, since the BJP has come to power, the increase in prices has halted substantially. Following is the chart for BJP.

Comparison of price increase of subsidised LPG cylinders during Congress and BJP govt

It is thus evident that Congress was wrong on several counts.

  1. They compared subsidized prices during Congress regime to non-subsidized prices during Modi government
  2. Congress failed to mention the time frame of comparison
  3. Congress failed to mention the city
  4. Failed to mention that the rate of price growth during Congress far exceeded that under the BJP regime.

Perhaps Congress would do well to get their information straight before making a mockery out of themselves by spreading lies that are so easily caught.

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