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Congress says Chowkidar Chor Hain, but now boxes filled with bundles of notes recovered from them: PM Modi

Modi said that Congress stand of Article 370, AFSPA, terrorism etc are same as Pakistan

Addressing an election rally in Latur in Maharashtra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress party on various issues today.

Attacking Congress on its stand on terrorism and Jammu& Kashmir, Modi gave several examples in his speech to show how the thinking of Congress party and Pakistan are similar. Congress is saying in its manifesto that Article 370 will not be repealed at any cost. The same language is also being used by Pakistan. Congress says that they will talk with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan also repeatedly saying the same, so that India keep involved in such things. Congress is saying that the Armed Forces Special Act (AFSPA) will be removed from terrorism-hit areas, Pakistan also wants the same, so that terrorists can have a free run, the PM said. Congress has announced people who abuse the nation, who talk about tukde tukde, will be given open licence, sedition law will be repealed, Pakistan also wants this, so that people working against India can do so freely.

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Attacking Congress for partition of India, Modi said that today Congress is saying that they will not remove Article 370, but if Congress had intelligence and in if 1947 they showed such courage saying we will not let the nation to be divided, this Pakistan would not have born. What Pakistan is saying, the same language is seen on the election manifesto of Congress. Criticising the alliance formed by Congress, Modi said that Congress and NCP have allied with such people who want a separate prime minister for Jammu and Kashmir, who talk about separation of Jammu and Kashmir.

PM also said that if some false statement about India is made somewhere in the world, these people grab that and tries to be in media for a few days. He said that nowadays these people are attacking him saying India didn’t shot down a fighter plane of Pakistan. How much proof you want from the Air Force of the nation, he asked. The day we attacked the terror camps, the next day spokesperson of Pakistan came on TV and said that they shot down two fighters of India. They said that two Indian pilots were in their custody, they also said that one Indian pilot has been killed. But on the same day in the evening they had to say that they shot down only one Indian plane and one Indian pilot was with them. So what happened to the second plane and the two other pilots, even small kids understand that, PM Modi said.

Referring to the Income Tax raids at several locations in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi connected to the Congress party in last two days, he said, ‘so many bundles of notes being seized, no doubt they are abusing the chowkidar, for last six months they are saying Chowkidar chor hain, but who is the real thief? From where boxes filled with bundles cash are being recovered? Who is the real thief? Who have fear of the chowkidar?’ The government in Madhya Pradesh was formed in less the six months ago, but see the mastery of these people, see the art of these people, evidence of crores of money has been found. Proofs have emerged how crores worth of black money was transferred from bungalows of big persons. Buying votes with notes have been the political culture of these people, PM Modi said referring to Congress.

Narendra Modi also specifically mentioned the incident yesterday when Ahmed Patel had arrived at the residence of AICC official SM Monin when it was being raided by the Income Tax department. He said that when a raid was going on, one royal courtier who is close the family of Congress party reached there, started to put pressure on officials to ensure that they go back and the money is not seized. He started doing dadagiri, but when cameramen started taking photos, he put a handkerchief on his face and ran away.

PM Modi said that corruption is one thing that Congress party does in full sincerity after coming to power. They don’t write about corruption in their manifesto, but the first thing they do after forming a government is, collection on money.

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