Home News Reports Rahul Gandhi failed in Economics in his M.Phil., has four passports including one as 'Raul Vinci', reiterates Subramanian Swamy

Rahul Gandhi failed in Economics in his M.Phil., has four passports including one as ‘Raul Vinci’, reiterates Subramanian Swamy

Swamy was speaking at the 'India Ka DNA' event organised by Zee News

Legal activist and senior BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has reiterated his sensational claims about the Nehru-Gandhi family at the ‘India Ka DNA’ event organised by Zee News.

In his interaction, he says, that he is confident that the BJP will form the government in 2019. Taking on Congress, he said that Congress President Rahul Gandhi along with his mother Sonia Gandhi, Sam Pitroda, Motilal Vohra and Oscar Fernandes will all go to jail once the charges he has levelled against him in the National Herald case are proven.

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He reiterated that Rahul Gandhi had failed his M.Phil. exams in Economics and owns four passports. He says that his name is also not Rahul Gandhi but Raul Vinci in his mark sheet. Swamy further alleged that Rahul Gandhi also possesses a passport in the name of Raul Vinci.

He said he does not believe when Rahul Gandhi says he has Dattatrey Kaul Gotra. “He does not even know how to wear a Janeu. He wears it over his clothes,” Swamy mocked Rahul Gandhi. He even said that the Gandhis have a small church inside their house, a chapel, where a Malayali Bishop comes where they take part in ‘confessions’.

When questioned whether it was the BJP leaders like Swamy himself who put ideas into Rahul Gandhi’s head to show his Hindu side, Swamy quipped who is he to put things into Rahul’s head. “I don’t even know if he has a brain,” he said. Adding that the brother-sister duo are not ‘Brahmins’ by ‘guna’, Swamy said, “Firstly, they are not well educated. We don’t know how many exams they’ve failed in. And are not ‘tyagi’ by any stretch of the imagination. They enjoy a lot. They take foreign vacations and enjoy in night clubs. So neither they are ‘gyaani’ nor ‘tyagi’, so I cannot call them Brahmins.”

Elaborating further on the four-passport allegation, Swamy said, he had submitted the details to the Speaker, Sumitra Mahajan and later to the Home Ministry. He further alleged that Rahul Gandhi is also a British national as per documents uploaded on the British government website. He added that the Home Ministry has now forwarded the documents to the PMO for further inquiry.

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