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As Ravan scrambles to ‘upgrade’ himself, Mayawati has been branded as ‘Manuwaadi’

Selling hope to become a leader is the easiest thing to do

Those people definitely haven’t read Manusmriti who burn random books in the name of Manusmriti by pasting an A4 sheet on their covers with Manusmriti written on it. Leave aside reading it, if you do a random survey to check how many households have this book, you will find that this book is neither in trend now nor people follow it.

Besides, being a Smriti, about dozens of shlokas are missing from whatever is left of the book after reckless destruction by the ancestors of the Islamic terrorists i.e. the Muslim invaders, who set ablaze our libraries in order erase the traces our civilisation. Secondly, the biggest mistake that people tend to make while reading a Mahakavya having shlokas is that they tend to read a shloka in isolation with the context of the shlokas preceding and succeeding it.

For instance, even a person of ordinary intellect would know that a sentence like  “Robert picked up a knife and stared at Gustav” will show Robert to be a barbarian while the two sentences preceding it might say that it was actually Gustav who attempted to attack Robert with a knife and the knife was picked up Robert in self defence after it accidentally fell down. And later one may find that it was actually a film shoot that was going on. Therefore, context is really important. So whenever a person quotes Manusmriti, one should ask him about the relevant shloka, the page number, the society at time and the ruler of that time and then try to understand the particular shloka in the context of all these things.

Starting from Ravan, Mayawati and Lalu to Akhilesh and all other Lal Salaam parties, the context is deliberately removed, and mere imagination is repeated like truth multiple times, the intellectuals are made to repeat the same so many times that the ordinary people believe it to be true, without doing any research or making any effort to ascertain its authenticity, and start a movement in which dozens of people lose their lives. These common people have nothing to do with anything, neither with Manusmriti nor with the fact that the government did not say anything about abolishing reservation.

This is how they strengthen their public support by inducting new people.The arrangements behind it are so apt that right from the petrol that is to be used in lighting the torch to evaluating the success of the movement based on the scale of ensuing violence to who would say what, everything is scripted. Violence is justified because in a democracy, slaying with words is considered as an exceptional quality. This is how the illegitimate children produced by such movements reach the Parliament treading on the corpses. These illegitimate children produced by mobs later consume their resources in building stone wallets and giant elephants on the pillars of parks.

Don’t you remember the garlands of thousand rupee notes? That garland around the neck of a Dalit, even if the notes are fake, gives out a huge message. That garland becomes an example of the superpower that progressed by trampling the spines of Dalits crushing them under its heels which tells that the leader of proletariat revolution travels in a Rolls Royce and then the biggest Dalit leader Mayawati becomes one of the richest in India.

The problem is not the riches of such leaders, the problem is what did they did for Dalits. What the social justice warriors of UP and Bihar did for this strata of society is evident from the fact that the parties like Congress are still running with variations of the slogan of “Gareebi Hatao” (Eradicate Poverty). The ruckus created by Lalu and the hooliganism prevalent during Maya-Mulayam rule have so filed the bellies of these leaders that they are sneezing out gold while having a meal of rice is still a luxury for the poor.

They have had fun for way too long by proclaiming themselves the Messiah of the lower strata in their respective States. But power recycles the society every 25-30 years. One generation passes, the next generation succeeds to the legacy of its forefathers not on the basis of public support but by the reason of being the son or daughter of these leaders.

Here a social disconnect is created. This disconnect becomes visible during transitional times when the people, who are known by the names of their fathers, fight for the monopoly of power after their fathers give up due to age. Then Akhilesh sulks, Tej Pratap goes on to declare his Lalu-Rabari Party and Mayawati suddenly becomes bua.

These times of transition are those times when the first blow in the fort of the Patriarch is inflicted by his own blood. Then some Ravan from another generation sensing this opportunity, starts seeing in himself Lalu, Mulayam or Kashiram. It does not matter that his modus operandi is old and familiar but with the help of better resources he is able to rise faster.

Now, he starts selling himself as hope personified; he drives a violent protest; he gets jailed; he gets sick; and he vehemently targets one leader as the cause of all the problems of the nation. He starts to speak the same words, over and over again, and one part of media tries to cash on this new glimmer of hope. He gets the tanks of 200 bikes full with petrol and fires up a rally of protesters. His followers go berserk and damage everything that comes in their way, not sparing even the poor vegetable vendors. A mob indulges in arson on the basis of a rumour spread by this leader and shoots personal enemies by entering their house, hiding behind a mod of protesters protesting for social justice! This makes one person the star!

This star becomes a thorn for the old leaders. It becomes a fight for survival for both but there is only one book that they can target, as the intellectuals didn’t have time to prop up a new one! It is due to this that the rising star of Dalit politics, updating himself from Ravan to Ra 2.0, calls Mayawati and Manuwaadi, the leader whose whole career is based on burning copies of Manusmriti!

This ‘ism’ (waad) is just one, the enemy to target is just one, the Brahmins who have non-existent land holding and survive on religious work, but you have to target someone! Also, the word in fashion is ‘Brahminism’ as it has been written and spoken about a number of times. No one ever thought of calculating their population percentage, nobody was ever interested in knowing their socio-economic status, but sins of 5000 years were directed towards a caste even when there is no such recorded instance dating back to those times.

It is also a fact that dailts are in poor condition, discriminated on several instances by the upper caste. However, those who fought and won elections in their name, while publicly abusing Brahmins for Dalit votes, never shied away in recruiting Brahmins for Brahmin votes. One must know that politics has its own colour that defies other identities, ideologies, religions, castes and even person enmity. How many Dalit leaders who abuse Brahmins publicly don’t have any contacts with such people?

That’s why the stale democracy is spiced up with this lahsun (garlic). When Ravan tries to become Ra2, he knows where he will be getting his votes from and who he needs to attack and how. He doesn’t have time to prop up a new adjective. He cannot come up with a new ‘ism’ 15 days before the elections. It is a desperate time for him. And then he claims Mayawati is ‘Manuwadi’.

He doesn’t go on proving it as he actually doesn’t need to prove it. There is no need to prove it as Dalit’s are still in same bad shape that they were a while ago. Any person from the lower stratum of society, who identifies with this adjective of Dalit/underprivileged, doesn’t need to speak what changes Mayawati has brought about in his life.

Selling hope to become a leader is the easiest thing to do. The product of hope is easier to sell when people are in despair. When people are in despair, and they have seen a generation of leaders doing nothing, the next generation of voters start to think if they need to try someone else. This is that transition phase, when between the next generation of leaders’ families and the new voters, a person identifying as Ravan incarnates and talks about doing good for them.

Today, ‘Manuwaad’ is again in vogue. Those who use it in an absurd manner and amount have no idea what it means, let alone the poor in villages. Is there even one percent among yourselves who have seen the book in your houses or your fathers, grandfathers talk about it? Where the hell is this shitty narrative coming from?

It comes from the same place which manufactures the one-way narrative. A person fighting for his/her existence tries to deal out everything that’s in his capacity, where morality often becomes a casualty. Even if one has to organise fake seminars, Sir William Jones wouldn’t hesitate organising several of them and he wouldn’t think twice while inviting pseudo-intellectuals like Ma Mueller (and the likes) to document their assumptions as historical facts and pass it on as history of India, on which all the historians of future would base their work on. It is then, when the conspiracy of Aryans and Dravidians is hatches, we are taught about the superiority of white skin over darker ones, and we are told about Noah and Ham while being injected with hatred.

That’s why you always see Rahim Chacha and Father this-that in Bollywood as generous and kind, while Brahmins will be shown as morally corrupt and Lalas will be projected as inhuman, interest-hungry people. This narrative never changes while the society functions in completely opposite ways!

That’s why loktantra becomes lahsuntantra. All its cloves, without any gap, hiding their inner truths with a white lamination, stick together all the time. All these thieves speak the same language. All these cloves of garlic, in every single narrative, in every speech, in every rally, in every discussion, in every panel, in every prime time show, speak the same words.

It is then when all the social crimes become political crimes. It is then when all the social crimes become religious crimes. It is then when a fight over seat becomes a fight over beef. It is then when only Muslim names are pulled out of mob lynching records. It’s then when every upper caste person becomes responsible for a stray act of violence against a Dalit. It’s then when whole of Hindu dharma becomes responsible for Kathua’s Asifa while no one talks about Gita’s rapists!

And then, the root cause of all such atrocities is directed towards one man whose existence is constantly denied but his words are flashed before cameras and people win election citing his shlokas. It’s then when Bhim Army’s Ravan targets dalit’s biggest leader with Manuwaad, and the ecosystem goes nuts.

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