Home News Reports NDTV uses old video to claim riders without helmets are walking with two-wheelers to avoid enhanced penalty after 1st September

NDTV uses old video to claim riders without helmets are walking with two-wheelers to avoid enhanced penalty after 1st September

An old video showed riders without helmets walking pass police pushing their two-wheelers to avoid penalty, NDTV said it is from this month

Controversial media house NDTV published an old video claiming it to be recent video after new traffic rules came into effect on September 1. The video shows a number of riders without helmet walking with their two-wheelers on a road where cops are checking traffic rule violations. The graphic on the video claims that Driving without helmet is illegal, but walking is not. The people who are pushing their vehicles are not stopped by the police, as pedestrians don’t come under the purview of Motor Vehicle Act. NDTV claimed that after the new penalties became applicable, people in some place used this tactic to avoid enhanced fines.

NDTV’s report was based on a tweet posted by Pankaj Jain, an IPS officer from Haryana cadre. He had posted the video and commented, “This is hilarious. Innovative ways to avoid traffic challans.” He also appealed people to follow traffic rules and avoid such situations. He did not mention that this video was recent, or that it is the result of new rules.

But while reporting the video, NDTV assumed that it is recent and after the new fines became applicable. It says that “tightened rules have led a number people to find innovative ways to cock a snook at an expensive challan”, talking about the video. Although NDTV mentions that the video is undated, they claim that the incident is the result of tightened rules.

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But the video is not from this month, this is an old video which had gone viral on social media earlier. A copy of the video was updated on Youtube on 1st February 2018.

The same video has been uploaded by numerous users on Youtube and social media sides earlier.

Indian Express also reported the video, but they noted that it is old. But like NDTV, Indiatimes also didn’t check the video, and claimed that just three days after the new rules came into effect, Indians have found a jugaad to avoid fines for not wearing helmet.

From 1st of this month, the amended Motor Vehicles Act came into force, which imposes enhanced monetary penalties for traffic rule violations. The fines for violations like not having various documents, not wearing helmet or seatbelt, driving under influence, violating road traffic rules etc have been increased many times. This has resulted in some travellers fined astronomical amounts, when they were caught violating multiple offences. After a scooter rider was fined ₹23000 yesterday for such multiple violations, today a Trolley was fined ₹59,000 and an auto driver was fined ₹47,500 today.

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