Home Government and Policy Pakistan is frustrated, desperately trying to create unrest in Kashmir to blame it on India: NSA Ajit Doval

Pakistan is frustrated, desperately trying to create unrest in Kashmir to blame it on India: NSA Ajit Doval

Expressing concern over a few uninformed people who are falling prey to Pakistan's plot, Doval urged that people should refrain from taking one or two incidents as public opinion and stay away from false news and propaganda.

In a wide-ranging interaction with journalists in New Delhi Saturday, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval said that Indian Army would do everything to protect the lives of Kashmiris from Pakistani terrorists even if we ‘have to impose restrictions’.

“Terror is the only instrument Pakistan has to create unrest,” said Doval on Saturday.

In an extensive interaction, Ajit Doval said that intelligence intercepts make it clear that Pakistani handlers of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir are completely frustrated after the Abrogation of Article 370, following which they are desperately trying to create unrest in the valley.

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Doval revealed some intelligence intercepts that showed how frustrated Pakistan is trying to send to the terrorists hiding in Jammu and Kashmir: “There are Pakistani communication towers 20 kilometres along the border, they are trying to send messages, we heard intercepts, they were telling their men here “how so many apple trucks are moving, can’t you stop them? Should we send you bangles?’, Doval said, according to ANI.

Talking about the effect of the government’s decision to abrogate Article 370 and bifurcating it into two Union Territories has been well received by the locals in the valley, Doval said: “I am totally convinced that majority of Kashmiris support the abrogation of article 370, they see greater opportunities, future, economic progress and employment opportunities, only a few miscreants are opposing it”.

“No question arises of Army atrocities, only state (J&K) Police and some central forces are handling public order. Indian army is there only to fight terrorists”, stressed the NSA.

Doval outlined that spooked by the government’s decision, Pakistan has been constantly trying to constitute an atmosphere of panic in the valley and in its attempt to do so, Pakistan has been trying to push terrorists inside India through the LoC. “Pakistan is trying to create trouble. 230 terrorists were spotted. Some of them have infiltered while some have been arrested”, Doval added.

According to NSA, 750 trucks are passing through Srinagar daily. Terrorists are trying to target innocent shopkeepers and apple orchard owners to create an atmosphere of panic amongst civilians in the valley.

Doval recollected the incident earlier today when terrorists with an intent to target a prominent fruit merchant Hamidullah Rather, went to his shop, and on not finding him there, took two of his workers to his home 5 kilometers inside Sopore where they shot at his son Mohammed Irshad and also fired upon his two and a half-year-old daughter Asma Jaan. Both Pakistani terrorists had guns and were speaking Punjabi. Both are absconding, Doval confirmed.

“Pakistan used article 370 to catalyze terrorism in Kashmir, they launched operation Topaz in 1988 through which they wanted to exploit the political space. Modus operandi of Operation Topaz was to use the same tactics which Pakistani non-state actors used in Afghanistan”, said Doval.

Operation Tupac or Topaz is the ‘codename’ of an ongoing military intelligence contingency program run by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, active since the 1980s. The program has a three-part action plan to provide covert support to separatist in the Jammu and Kashmir. It was authorized and initiated by the order of the President of Pakistan Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in 1988. The objectives of Operation Tupac/Topaz were:

  • to disintegrate India
  • to utilize the spy network to act as an instrument of sabotage
  • to exploit porous borders with Nepal and Bangladesh to set up bases and conduct operations

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir have been under a communication lockdown since the first week of August after the centre scrapped special status from Jammu and Kashmir and divided it into two union territories. The National Security Advisor has travelled across Jammu and Kashmir extensively in the weeks after the special status was scrapped, meeting people and analysing the ground situation.

In his interaction with the journalists, Doval, throwing light on easing of restrictions from all parts of Jammu and Kashmir said that it depended on how Pakistan behaves. “We would like to see all restrictions go, but it depends on how Pakistan behaves. It’s a stimulant and response situation. If Pakistan starts behaving, terrorists don’t intimidate and infiltrate, if Pakistan stops sending signals through its towers to operatives, then we can lift restrictions,” Mr Doval said.

“92.5 per cent of the geographical area of Jammu and Kashmir is free of restrictions,” said the National Security Advisor, who had been camping in the state for weeks to coordinate security deployment and monitor intelligence operations. “Out of the 199 police station areas in Jammu and Kashmir, restrictions are in place only at 10 places, furthered the NSA.

NSA Ajit Doval, speaking on the detention of political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir said that they have been kept under preventive detention as there could have been problems in maintaining law and order in case there were gatherings and the terrorists would have used the situation to their favour. He confirmed: “None of them (J&K political leaders) have been charged with criminal offence or sedition. They are in preventive custody until an environment is created for democracy to function, which I believe may happen soon”.

Doval reiterated that the only weapon Pakistan has and uses against India is that of terrorism and India at no cost will let the ‘terror state’ succeed in its endeavour. NSA Ajit Doval reassured that the state is gradually moving back to normalcy. He warned that Pakistan, to carry off its agenda, has been indulging in false and black propaganda. It is purposely trying to create a panic situation and then tell the international community that there is unrest, said Doval.

Expressing concern over a few uninformed people who are falling prey to Pakistan’s plot, Doval urged that people should refrain from taking one or two incidents as public opinion and stay away from false news and propaganda.

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