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Did you know that only terrorists have hopes, dreams and passions?

What kind of human being would choose Feb 14, 2020, to write not about the precious lives of the soldiers who were killed, but spinning tales about the hopes and dreams of the terrorist? Apparently, that’s our liberals.

“… a young boy who dropped out from school after Class 12 would take the keys to his father’s Maruti car and drive it around the village……. He loved cricket. He kept wicket, batted well and perhaps that’s the reason he adored MS Dhoni…..” Who are we talking about here? That would be Adil Ahmad Dar, the terrorist who killed 40 CRPF jawans on Feb 14 in Pulwama last year.


You can read the full HT article if you want to know more about how he did the dishes, helped his mom and bought her little trinkets as gifts. Seems like his life was lifted straight from those “Adarsh Baalak” posters we saw as kids. Except that he was a terrorist. But that’s really not a big deal, is it?

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Oh and three members of his family have joined up with terrorist organizations. Nothing to see here folks. Focus on how this is an ordinary family that washes the dishes, buys gifts for each other and enjoys watching/playing cricket.

Oh and they named one of their new born sons after an illustrious uncle who joined the Lashkar e Toiba. But did you know about the time Adil Dar bought his mother gold earrings? Do you see the tears of joy and pride in his mother’s eyes?

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He has had little school education, and lives almost a Spartan life in his ancestral house. Marriage never figured in his scheme of things. There was parental pressure since he is the only son, but he would rather recite a UN memorandum than a nikaahnama (marriage deed). … But when he saw Mushaal, Malik says, it was love at first sight. “I decided there and then that if I were to marry ever, the girl would have to be her,” says Malik with a loving gaze for his bride.”

Now, what’s this? Extracts from the upcoming Chetan Bhagat novel, aptly released on Valentine’s Day?

Not exactly. This is from a 2010 article in Open Magazine, describing the love story of JKLF leader Yasin Malik, who is accused in murder of four Indian Air Force officers in 1990.

But that’s not very interesting, is it? You should read the entire Open article to find out all the little romantic ways in which the bashful Yasin wooed the lovely (and rich) Mushaal Malik of Pakistan. How her friends laughed and giggled at his poor dressing sense. How their love blossomed over MSN chat. I’m telling you : it’s just like a Chetan Bhagat novel, except that the lead character is a terrorist instead of an engineering nerd.

I would say that he was proud, but not arrogant. He was delicate, but not weak. He was grave, but not severe.”

Like most children of divorced parents, he felt a loss, for he was no longer as intimately involved with his father’s family.

Now, what is this? The beginning of another novel about a child on a path of self discovery?

Not exactly. This is the Quint on the “death anniversary” of “father and husband” Osama bin Laden, publishing extracts from a book about his childhood and family.


Isn’t it interesting that only terrorists seem to have hopes and dreams? That only they have relationships? Maybe not, but it sure seems like only their hopes and dreams matter.

Have you seen our media profile the lives of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama terrorist attack? Perhaps they also had real lives, real passions and stories that deserved to be told? Perhaps they also went through love and heartbreak, the trials of growing up, strict parents, broken homes. Times when they helped their mother with the dishes or saved up to buy her a gift?

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It seems like we never hear about that. Instead, the grieving families of the soldiers got phone calls from liberal media, perhaps asking something along these lines?

Hello, I am a liberal journalist. Your caste was not completely clear from your son’s last name. So I got your registered home number from the CRPF. Now, if you are done with performing the last rites of your son, could you quickly confirm his caste so that I can do a headcount for my article? I have a deadline…


Families of dead terrorists are asked about their hopes and dreams.

Families of dead soldiers are asked about their caste.

That’s Indian liberalism in a nutshell for you, folks.

They humanize the terrorist. They dehumanize the innocent Indian who gets killed by a terrorist.

You have seen the liberals around in Delhi as well, taking selfies and glamorizing mothers who are willing to “sacrifice” their babies for their supposed “cause.” Hints of the same attitude. Meanwhile, anybody who tweets against them is labelled a Nazi and a Fascist.

Today is one year since the nation was shaken by the deadly terrorist attack in Pulwama. Remember how liberals celebrated it with cries of “How’s the Jaish?” One particular channel whose Deputy Editor did that is still out there, presumably speaking up for “Freedom of Expression.”

What kind of human being would choose Feb 14, 2020, to write not about the precious lives of the soldiers who were killed, but spinning tales about the hopes and dreams of the terrorist? Apparently, that’s our liberals.

I recently learned that there is a whole run-up to Valentine’s Day with cutesy, juvenile names such as Rose Day and Kiss Day. At least liberal media didn’t do a series of articles featuring awkward attempts by Adil Dar to meet up with girls at school or in the neighbourhood. We are thankful for small mercies.

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