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“Whoever wears a red cloth declares himself President of Hindu Mahasabha”: Kashi Vidvat Parishad Minister says Chakrapani Maharaj is an imposter

Generally, the left media gangs who deny Hindutva and Hindu monks rush towards imposters like Chakrapani Maharaj, as exemplified by many other left media gangs such as The Print.

It is often seen that Indian media does not leave any chance to mock the faith of Hindus. In this era of social media, media easily gets such opportunities to mock and it doesn’t take them a long time making it a sensation. This time the sensation created by media is named- Chakrapani Maharaj.

Indian media is consistently referring to a person named as Chakrapani Maharaj as the President of Hindu Mahasabha. But the Kashi Vidvat  Parishad has a different opinion about it. When OpIndia approached Dr. Ramnarayan Dwivedi of Kashi Vidvat Parishad to know the reality of Chakrapani Maharaj, he called Chakrapani Maharaj, a so-called Mahatama in clear terms.

While talking to OpIndia, he said, “He’s a Srivastava, a native of Ghazipur. No one knows when and how he became Chakrapani Maharaj. Similarly, many so-called saints have been defaming our religion. Cow urine definitely protects against many ailments but by ridiculing it by referring to the treatment of coronavirus, we should avoid such mild talks and jokes. What basis do they have to say such a thing? They should reveal if they did any research to say this. People of our country need to be careful from such imposters.”

He added that he is going to write a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi because whosoever in this country puts the name of saints starts spreading misrepresentations and misconducts. He said to stop the slander of Hindutva from such fake saints it is important that these so-called saints to do carry identity as evidence, regarding their Akhara, on what basis they have taken the initiation, after including these things they should take a decision.

In very harsh words, Dr. Dwivedi said one whoever is feeling like becoming a saint wears a red cloth and later the entire community is maligned because of them. Professor Ram Narayan Dwivedi is currently a minister in Kashi Vidvat  Parishad and also holds the post of Associate Professor in the Faculty at Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vigyan, Banaras Hindu University.

Another activist said that because of imposters like Chakrapani Maharaj, the Hindu Mahasabha is dividing into factions and all of them are fighting to make themselves the national president of Hindu Mahasabha.

In fact, celebrities like Chakrapani Maharaj are only invented by leftist media. Because such people help them in fulfilling their purpose of maligning the dignity of Hindutva. The reality of Chakrapani Maharaj has often been questioned. On social media, he is often described as an agent of the Samajwadi party, although it is not appropriate to believe such allegations at once, then the leftist media are also noted working on the same system that is very irrelevant to any person to capitalize on the vote. They carry only one objective- to push their anti-Hindu propaganda.

Generally, the left media gangs who deny Hindutva and Hindu monks rush towards imposters like Chakrapani Maharaj, as exemplified by many other left media gangs such as The Print.

Other than The Print, some other media houses have also published news on coronavirus identifying Chakrapani Maharaj as the President of Hindu Mahasabha, saying that he is going to organize a Cow urine party so that the coronavirus will be treated. It claims that a cake made from cow dung will be cut at this party.

Everyday people on social media are giving clarification on this fake news of The Print that this Chakrapani Maharaj is an imposter and a hypocrite, which has already been denied by Hindu Mahasabha. Despite this, the media is publishing the story stating him as a President of Hindu Mahasabha. Because they also know that without associating his name with Hindu Mahasabha, Chakrapani is not serious enough to publish. But the real objective of media heads is to damage the image of Hindutva and its institutions.

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