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Digital activist supporting Udit Raj as Congress President denies being paid by BJP IT cell

In an exclusive conversation with OpIndia's Nirwa Mehta, @Being_humor spills the beans on his Uditians and all things Dr Udit Raj

In conversation with Outlook, Congress leader Dr Udit Raj, with a massive fan base online, said that the ‘BJP IT cell’ is trying to create a rift between him and Congress leadership by pitching him as the party president. He accused the ‘BJP IT cell’ of running Twitter hashtags demanding him to take over the responsibilities from Sonia Gandhi. Speaking to OpIndia’s Nirwa Mehta, @Being_Humor, whom Raj has accused of being ‘BJP IT cell’, the digital activist reveals why he has extended his relentless support for the tall leader.

#UditRajForCongressPresident has been trending in social media after the reshuffle in Congress. What do you make of it?

It has not happened after the reshuffle. The hashtag has been trending for over 2 weeks now, the reshuffle has only intensified it. It’s a genuine demand by Udit Raj Ji’s fans. Shri Udit Raj Ji has been vocal about people’s issues with real and justified substance in his demands, which isn’t seen in Rahul Gandhi’s statements. 

In his interview to Outlook magazine, Udit Raj has said that he’s a mass leader that’s why he’s being targeted. Do you think he’s a mass leader?

Over one lakh tweets with #UditRajForCongressPresident and #JusticeForUditRaj are testimonies of his huge fanbase, however, I wish to draw your attention to even a bigger picture, his fans come from all age groups, cutting across caste line. He is being humble for calling himself just a mass leader and not Tsunami (or Aandhi). Check out some of the images that prove his mass appeal. 

Do you think his interview with Outlook was a pressure tactic to get noticed by the ‘high command’ at Congress?

Absolutely, In more than one of his answers, he not only tried to get noticed but also attacked Congress’ high command. He also said that he has informed Rahul Gandhi but he has not responded yet, smartly indicating Congress doesn’t listen to Dalit leaders. Upon asking that veteran Dalit leader Mallikarjun Kharge also dropped from Gen. Secy. position of AICC, Udit Raj said Kharge is still a Rajya Sabha member. Read between the lines and you know the former MP’s demand.

Do you think Congress even acknowledges his existence? 

Doesn’t matter. Congress is an opportunist party. They denied the existence of Lord Shri Ram, but when PM Modi on 5th August did Ram Janmabhoomi Pujan they started taking credit of Ram mandir. When Congress will realize the power of Udit Raj Ji they’ll start worshipping him.

Why are you trending this?

I alone can’t do anything, I along with Shri @Amit_Gujju Ji, just raised our voices and million, and million of fans of Udit Raj Ji’s fans joined me and it became a mass movement. As if they all were just waiting for someone to start. Perhaps because so many people have seen Congress talking about Dalits and attacking BJP for not giving enough representation to Dalits, and they now want Congress to live by example. You must have noticed that Udit Raj ji has also said in his recent interview with Outlook that Congress needs to do more in terms of Dalit representation.

Did BJP IT Cell ask you? Or did anyone else ask you to?

No, I am not even remotely connected to BJP IT Cell. However, if paid good I’ll consider being a part of it. I am getting messages (DM) in million from the Udit Raj Warriors (popularly known as Uditians). Uditians are ready to be deployed at the service of great leader and visionary.

You clearly appear anti-Congress, so why should people believe that you genuinely support a Congress leader of tall stature like Udit Raj?

I may appear against Congress and its ideology but I am always in a favour of a strong nationalist and competent opposition, which Congress has failed to provide. Now coming to Dr. Udit Raj Ji, for him the country has always been above politics and that can be established by the fact that he along with his party (Indian Justice Party, having 4 crores active members) chose to leave the party and switched to BJP. In 2019 again, amidst the strong pro-Modi wave, he realised that the Congress under Rahul Gandhi isn’t strong enough to take on Modi on its own. He took the burden upon himself to reinvent the sinking ship. Hence, after empowering BJP he switched to the Congress. I see Dr. Udit Raj Ji has the potential and charisma to not only be Congress president but also world president and eventually take over the galaxy.

The last time a Dalit was Congress president, Sitaram Kesari, he was mistreated. Do you secretly hate Udit Raj and want him mistreated?

You have not understood Dr. Udit Raj Ji well. He’s like Daya of CID, can break door whenever he wishes. It’s his power that when the #UditRajForCongressPresident was trending, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had to leave the country to divert the attention.

Till when do you plan to run the campaign?

We are not stopping anytime soon. In fact you’ll see more support on the ground after the COVID situation is over. We are also planning to buy Jantar Mantar spot for the next four years (Kejriwal should look for another place). We will ensure that the support and campaign intensifies with time and Congress is forced to make Dr. Udit Raj Ji not only the Congress President but also the PM Candidate of Congress for 2024 elections. 

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