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Netizens call out the hypocrisy of Star Wars on ‘bullying’ and ‘racism’ after it comes out in support of liberal actress but ignores bullying by SJW mob

While Star Wars defends Krystina Arielle despite her racist comments against white people, the franchise had refused to defend Gina Carano who was trolled for defending Trump

Actress Krystina Arielle, who was recently declared the host of upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic Show, came under fierce criticism for her brazen display of racist behaviour on social media. In a series of tweets posted last year, Krystina was seen making sweeping generalisations and bigoted remarks against the white community, prompting netizens to demand her sacking.

However, instead of paying any heed to the demands made by fans, Star Wars extended full support to the anti-white actress. In a tweet on Saturday, the media franchise wrote, “Our Star Wars community is one of hope and inclusivity. We do not stand for bullying and racism. We support Krystina Arielle.”

Star Wars: The High Republic Show is an upcoming bi-monthly web series that will feature deep dives with the creators of the Star Wars: The High Republic, a subseries of the Star Wars media franchise.

Anti-White remarks of Krystina Arielle

The left-liberal cabal in the United States has time and again resorted to open display of racism against white people and has justified such an attitude by invoking America’s history of the slave trade. With the advent of political correctness, actresses such as Krystina Arielle have been successful in effectively playing the race card and avoiding repercussions of racist behaviour online.

In June last year, the actress had claimed, “Just a reminder that White Women are just as complicit in the upholding and enforcing White supremacy.” In another tweet, Krystina had alleged, “Because White people can’t let us have shit unless they can centre themselves as the hero.”

Screengrab of the tweet by Krystina Arielle
Screengrab of the tweet by Krystina Arielle

Besides, she had also made several outlandish claims about ‘white people’, under the assumption that every individual must be the same because of their skin colour. In a bid to appease the ‘social justice warriors’ (SJWs), Krystina has been unperturbed in peddling hate against the white community. Earlier, she said, “It’s white people can’t comprehend a person of colour being in an establishment where they only expect to see white people suspicious.”

Screengrab of the tweet by Krystina Arielle

The host of ‘The High Republic Show’ had also alleged that ‘White people’ would rather defend a fictional character than standing up for ‘black people’. Displaying her disdain for an entire community, she said, “You do not have to comment under every post that you’re trying to be better. Have read x,y,z. Any combination of ugh white people, when you are white people. I do not care. Talk is cheap. I’m not here for your accountability checkups.”

Screengrab of the tweet by Krystina Arielle
Screengrab of the tweet by Krystina Arielle

Social Justice Warriors and their vicious campaign against Gina Carano

Despite her vitriolic and racist comments, Star Wars, which claims to fight ‘bullying’ and ‘racism’, somehow decided to cut Krystina some slack. Netizens were quick to point that another actress, namely, Gina Carano, is being vilified online since August last year by social justice warriors (SJWs) for her conservative, pro-Trump political views. They emphasised how Star Wars refrained to stand by her or support her publicly.

Gina Carano, who plays the role of Cara Dune in the TV Series ‘The Mandalorian’, had earlier called for fixing the US voting process in the aftermath of US Presidential election results. “We need to clean up the election process so we are not left feeling the way we do today. Put laws in place that protect us against voter fraud. Investigate every state. Film the counting. Flush out the fake votes. Require ID. Make Voter Fraud end in 2020. Fix the system,” she had tweeted on November 5 last year.

Compilation of abusive tweets targeting Gina Carano (Image Credits: @Dataracer117)

However, her tweet did not go down well with social justice warriors, who were seen actively engaging in name-calling and character assassination. “Hey Gina Carano, F*ck u Bitch! Haha Biden 2020 Muthafcukaa,” wrote one SJW. “How have we not cancelled her and made Disney fire her ass yet,” wrote another advocate of ‘cancel culture’. The vicious campaign against the actress did not stop her.

Compilation of abusive tweets targeting Gina Carano (Image Credits: @Dataracer117)

With labels such as ‘racist’, ‘alt-right’ and ‘transphobic’, the leftist Twitter mob hoped to get actress Gina Carano fired from her show ‘The Mandalorian’. They not only tried to tarnish her public image and but also attempted to destroy her career in Hollywood, just because she happened to be a conservative. And as unfortunate as it may sound, Star Wars did not bother to extend support to her.

Netizens call out the hypocrisy of Star Wars

Netizens were quick to spot the dual standards of the media franchise over their defence of a racist and indifference meted out to a pro-Trump supporter. A Twitter user asked, “Where was this support for Gina Carano when she was being targeted by the mob to be fired. Double standards going on here…”

Popular Twitter user, Andy Signore wrote, “I never heard of Krystina… but I’m confused where your tweet of support for Gina Carano was? She’s been endlessly bullied for things she’s never even said. Stop picking favorites and be truly inclusive by supporting ALL your talent equally no matter who they vote for.”

Another user (@mystic_joel) emphasised, “For those who do not know Krystina Arielle openly called all white people racist. If anyone had swapped the word white for black, there’d be hell. Boycott this company because racism in ANY form should not be supported.”

Hailing the resilience of ‘The Mandalorian’ actress, another user said, “Cool. Now do (support) Gina Carano. She’s been bullied, unfairly, something fierce. But like the warrior she is, she’s soldier on – undeterred and unfazed. #istandwithginacarano”. A Twitter user asked whether Star Wars would disavow those who have been actively bullying the actress.

While highlighting the hypocrisy of the media franchise, one Wammer tweeted, “They don’t like bullying & racism, unless the person tagged says how bad white people are. Self-awareness: -100.”

In recent years, the Social Justice Warriors have upped their social media game, with openly advocating ‘cancellation’ of influential conservative individuals with different political opinion. Overwhelmed by the vicious environment of political correctness, several media franchises have given in to such demands, leading to social ostracisation, online boycott and premature termination of jobs for such individuals. The glaring hypocrisy of Star Wars is just one of many such examples.

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