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Rahul Gandhi has made his choice: He prefers street power to political power

With Rahul's blatant support to those who want to repeat the Moplah genocide, he might never really weird true political power, but he has a weapon that is far more detrimental to India - street power.

The West Bengal Assembly Election is merely weeks away. The BJP and the TMC seem to be fighting on their own terms and have formed no alliances before the elections. Essentially, the two parties are now in a head to head battle to win the state of Bengal, with several other, smaller parties vying for a few seats in minority-dominated bastions. One of those smaller parties in the state is Congress, the others are the Left, AIMIM of Asaduddin Owaisi, and ISF (Indian Secular Party).

Congress, the Left and ISF have now formed a ‘secular’ alliance to fight the Bengal polls and are in the process of finalising their seat-sharing formula. Essentially, the Congress, Left and ISF would know that there is absolutely no chance they can win the state elections and thus, they are aiming to maximise their votes so as to emerge as the king-makers post elections, should TMC fall short of the required majority.

What has happened in Bengal is unique – in a way that Congress seems to have dropped all pretence of ‘secularism’.

Congress, in Bengal has now allied with Abbas Siddique.

So whose decision was it? Was it the state Congress’ decision to ally with the ISF? Was it owing to alliance compulsions with the Left? Or did Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and/or Priyanka Gandhi Vadra take the decision to ally with Abbas Siddiqui?

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, senior Congress leader who is now in-charge of Bengal elections had gone on record to say that no decision was taken without the consent from the ‘top’.

Anand Sharma had written that “Congress’ alliance with parties like ISF and other such forces militates against the core ideology of the party and Gandhian and Nehruvian secularism, which forms the soul of the party. These issues need to be approved by the CWC”.

Essentially, what Adhir is saying that while Anand Sharma thinks that Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury took the decision to ally with Siddiqui on his own, it was actually approved from the top and thus, his allegation that it was not discussed is unfounded.

The rift in Congress has been clear for a while but what becomes even more clear here is that the alliance with ISF was not a rogue decision by over-zealous state elements who wanted to show the sahibs how proactive they are in reclaiming Congress’ political fortunes. This was a decision sanctioned form the top.

So who is Abbas Siddiqui of ISF that Rahul Gandhi has given his sanction to ally with? Here is what he has said in the past:

“This is Bengal. We (Muslims) are not minorities here. We are the majority here. Keep this in mind. We have a 35% population in the State,” he emphasised. Siddiqui also claimed that such a thing was possible as Adivasis, Matuas and Dalits did not fall into the Hindu fold. “If we do not come to power next time, they (Hindus) will rape our women in front of our eyes. Do you understand? You cannot do anything if you do not have power in your hands,” Siddiqui was seen fear-mongering at a public rally.

Siddique also wanted a virus sent by Allah to kill Indians. During the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus in the world, a video of Abbas Siddiqui shot on February 26 last year had gone viral on social media. He was seen addressing a large gathering of followers and praying to Allah to kill 50 crore Indians with the virus. In the video, the cleric was heard referring to anti-Hindu Delhi riots and saying, “Recently I have got the news that mosques are being set on fire, mosques are being burnt for the last two days. I think something is going to happen within a month. May Allah accept our prayers. May Allah send such a terrible virus to India that ten to twenty to fifty crore people die in India. Am I saying something wrong? It is absolutely blissful.” 

The state unit of Congress is visibly not happy with the decision. Recently, in a rally where Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was speaking, Abbas Siddiqui took the stage amidst massive cheer from his supporters in Bengal. As the Left leaders got busy welcoming their star in Bengal, Chowdhury was miffed. He got humiliated by Siddique when the speech was interrupted by the massive cheer he received and then, he was humiliated further by the Communists who wanted Adhir to let Siddique speak a few words. After the humiliation, Adhir decided to not speak at all. Though later, he tried to paint a different picture claiming that he stopped speaking because of the loud cheer – the reason was evident – Siddique was far more important a political asset for the Communists, Congress ally, because he could consolidate the Muslim vote and Adhir, who was not very happy with the alliance with Siddique, was dead weight.

Siddique then, during the same rally said, “Sonia Gandhi (Congress interim national president) may want the alliance but someone in the state is causing a delay. I think after this statement, things will be sorted out within a few days”.

And there we have it. It is indeed Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who sanctioned the alliance with ISF. The state unit of Congress could later get on board, or defend publicly since very few from Congress eventually go against the High Command, but the decision did indeed come from the top.

Let us reiterate – Rahul Gandhi with the express blessing of Sonia Gandhi has allied with a man who thinks the idea of 50 crore Indians (he obviously means Kafirs) dying is “blissful”.

Rahul Gandhi, often considered the clown by several Hindus and BJP leadership, is proving to be far more dangerous than a court jester who makes gaffes while speaking in public. Rahul has shown no moral compunction in allying with those who wish to wipe out the country’s Hindu majority and ensure that Kafir blood flows like water in their attempts to gain political and ideological supremacy. What seems to be far more dangerous is that while earlier, Congress tried to at least hide its desperation to get the Islamist vote with platitudes about secularism, the current Congress under Rahul Gandhi has bloomed as the official Islamist ally, quite openly so.

While Sonia Gandhi tried to pass the Communal Violence Bill that would consider every Muslim as a victim of communal violence even when they were the aggressors, Rahul Gandhi has openly backed those who burnt Delhi and Hindus during the anti-Hindu riots in 2020. Several Congress leaders have been caught and booked for hatching a conspiracy to burn Delhi and even supported Islamists like Umar Khalid who orchestrated the riots in part and had even met Tahir Hussain, whose men, amidst chants of Allahu Akbar and Nara-e-Taqbeer had mercilessly murdered Ankit Sharma – simply because he was a Hindu.

Before 2014 General Elections, Sonia Gandhi met Imam Bhukhari, a man accused in multiple cases. Everyone knows that she met so the secular votes do not get divided. It was even reported that she met him with that explicit purpose. But what was the statement that was eventually issued? That she promised to uplift Muslims and hence, Bukhari had extended support to Congress. And what is Rahul doing now? Openly and explicitly allying with a man who wants Hindus murdered. Who finds bliss when Kafir blood flows.

Essentially, the shift we see in the politics of Congress from when Sonia Gandhi reigned supreme to now when Rahul Gandhi has the reigns is rather clear. The core ideology is of course the same – victimising Hindus and retaining power with the help of Jihadis – but the modus operandi is different.

While Sonia Gandhi tried to game the system and kept up the pretence of ‘secularism’, at least to some extend, Rahul Gandhi has clearly resorted to allying with those who can display unbridled street power.

Some may argue that the latter is far better since nothing is really hidden from the people of the country and thus, they can make a far more informed decision. Perhaps. That could be true if we see how miserably Congress has failed in electoral politics after the rise of PM Modi.

However, beyond politics, there is a far more sinister possibility – Rahul Gandhi does not need political power at all to ensure that he has actual power in his hands.

It suited the politics of Rahul Gandhi to ensure that CAA was not passed. What did he do? He tacitly supported the Jihadis who ran riots against it. Media houses that supported Rahul Gandhi turned an anti-Hindu massacre into a anti-Muslim pogrom. The entire global cabal came together to say exactly what Rahul Gandhi’s Congress wanted them to say. Hindus were butchered. Their murderers received the support of the Congress party, headed by Rahul Gandhi.

When the farm-laws were passed, it suited the politics of Rahul Gandhi that the laws be repealed. What did he do? He got thousands to do chakka jam in Delhi, he fanned Khalistani sentiments and with the support of the Global left-Islamist nexus, he ensured that the entire saga culminated into violence on India’s Republic Day.

You see, Rahul Gandhi does not need political power. He needs those who assert themselves on the street to wield unbridled hold.

If you were a criminal. If you were the joker who just wanted to watch the world burn, what would you want? To be called the Prime Minister or thousands of people wielding this against those who stood against you?

This is an improvised weapon that was recovered from Asif – an accused in the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. The very anti-Hindu riots that were dubbed an anti-Muslim pogrom by the Congress and its cabal. The very riots where Ankit Sharma was murdered amidst chants of Allahu Akbar. The very riots that was orchestrated by Umar Khalid and his likes, according to the police. The very Umar Khalid that Congress defended.

And while Hindus may consolidate against these violent means after Rahul Gandhi has come out in the open as an Islamist ally, the far more dangerous possibility is that Rahul Gandhi has emboldened those who wish to rid India or Hindus, or at least, carve yet another piece of land out for themselves, just like they did with Pakistan.

Political power is often no match for street power. We have seen that once after 1947 where millions of Hindus were murdered in the Naokhali Riots, the Moplah Massacre and several such incidents so Muslims could carve out of land only for themselves – because they cannot stand to live in peace with Kafirs. The partition happened because men in power were no match for those hacking Hindus with machetes – they often aren’t.

With Rahul’s blatant support to those who want to repeat the Moplah genocide, he might never really weird true political power, but he has a weapon that is far more detrimental to India – street power.


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