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After daring the government to jail her for inciting riots, Safoora Zargar claims victimhood

Her latest interview is another attempt to firm up her victimhood narrative while sweeping under the rug her possible culpability.

One of the enduring characteristics of the rabble-rousing left-leaning activists in the country is their tendency to claim victimhood when the law of the land catches up with their shenanigans. This has been the case with anti-CAA protester Safoora Zargar, the infamous woman who despite being fully conscious and acutely aware of her pregnancy, led a mob at Jaffrabad Metro station in Delhi that inevitably sparked a gruesome wave of violence and later feigned victimhood citing her pregnancy.

Zargar was incarcerated for her alleged role in inciting riots in Delhi. She was arrested on April 10. In days leading to the horrifying anti-Hindu Delhi riots in February 2020, Zargar was seen making provocative speeches and whipping up frenzy against the central government with respect to the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Months after her arrest, the Jamia student was granted bail by the Delhi High Court on humanitarian grounds.

Recently, Zargar gave an interview to The Quint wherein she recounted the ‘horrors’ of serving a jail term during her pregnancy. Whitewashing her role as an instigator who provoked people to take up arms against the government and pressurise them into revoking the CAA bill, Zargar latched on to the victimhood narrative to paint the state as oppressive and cruel.

“I did not expect this. Don’t think I was doing anything that I should have even been called for interrogation. I was doing nothing at all… As a Jamia student I was in solidarity with the protests, in fact, I never even spoke there,” Zargar said.

Explaining her experience when she first saw the jail, Safoora said, “The most difficult part of it was the isolation, the confinement. I was held in a separate cell… When I was taken to jail, I was kept in a separate ward, in a fag end of the jail that had huge walls and barbed wires…It was very scary…I thought this is the end.”

She further added that she had made up her mind about having a miscarriage. She said she dreaded going to the washroom in the jail and her heart never beat normally while she was in jail.

In the past videos, Safoora was seen daring the government to jail her

While Zargar now insists that she did not speak at the protests, there are videos doing the rounds in which Zargar could be seen making provocative speeches. Zargar’s assertions following her release are in sharp contrast to the bluster she had indulged in, in the days leading to the Delhi riots.

In one such video, Safoora was seen making inflammatory speech and inflaming the passions among people. In the video, Zargar blustered that she is ready to serve the jail if that is what it takes to get the CAA bill revoked.

“We, the people of India strip you of your Indian citizenship. Modi and Amit Shah, we will take away your citizenship. They are terrorists…and I will repeat this 100 times whether you fire bullets at me or pound lathis on me or put me in the jail,” Zargar said.

It is pertinent to note that Zargar was fully aware of her pregnancy when she willingly got involved in the protests. However, months later when the government jailed her for her inflammatory speeches, she suddenly feigned victimhood, raising questions of the government for incarcerating a pregnant woman and wash her hands of the violence that succeeded her speeches.

A few months inside the jail and all her audacity, bluster and daredevilry came crashing down as she was struck with a sobering realisation that the law of the land is supreme and it is equally applicable to all, whether pregnant or not.

When it dawned upon her that her motherhood wouldn’t be considered as a sanction to commit a felony without having to face the consequences, she resorted to playing victimhood. Her latest interview is another attempt to firm up her victimhood narrative while sweeping under the rug her possible culpability.

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