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BBC follows ‘standards’ set by propaganda website The Wire, solicits applications based on caste and religion

Both the job posting by The Wire in 2019 and the inspired job posting by the BBC today point towards a propaganda Blitzkrieg that the liberal media plans to unleash against Hindus.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has posted a ‘job opening’ for aspiring journalists, however, their definition of the ‘ideal candidate’ that they seem to be looking for, gives one a glimpse into the propaganda that they aim to push in the coming months. BBC, in its job opening categorically called for individuals from “marginalised and ethnic groups” who are “keen to tell stories about them, which are underrepresented in Indian and international media”.

Job opening posted by The BBC
Job opening posted by The BBC

They further said that they want candidates from “marginalised and ethnic groups” because their ideas would help BBC “reach new audiences”.

While BBC would like to coat their bigotry and agenda in righteous sounding words, it becomes evident what the aim of BBC in the coming months would be, or the editorial line they are planning to take with these hires.

When BBC says they want candidates from the “marginalised” groups, they are specifically calling for candidates from the Hindu OBC, SC and ST community. To say that BBC wants stories that would mainstream their concern in India is sophistry that BBC hopes people would buy into, lock, stock, and barrel. The truth is, however, that by focussing on hiring on the basis of caste, BBC aims to exploit the fissures in the Indian society and peddle ‘atrocity literature’ that shows Hindus as the eternal oppressors.

Interestingly, while BBC wants people to believe that they genuinely care about reporting the stories of ‘oppression’, in 2019, BBC itself was accused of caste discrimination.

When BBC was accused of caste discrimination

A journalist who said she was a Dalit had accused BBC of mentally torturing her, discriminating against her to the extent that she had contemplated suicide and self-harm.

With this, it becomes rather evident that BBC is not exactly concerned about the marginalised Hindus (yes, OBC, SC and ST Hindus are HINDUS), but is far more interesting is primarily using them to ensure they get more reach and acceptance in the “liberal” crowd. Furthermore, they want to use these candidates to peddle their narrative and propaganda in India that the liberal crowd has been attempting to push – Hindus discriminate on the basis of caste and Hindutva is against those who belong to the “lower caste”.

Beyond caste, it is also pertinent to note that BBC has asked for applications from those who belong to the “marginalised ethnic groups” for this job opening. What The BBC means by “marginalised ethnic groups” is rather clear from the trajectory of their reportage. BBC wants candidates who are either OBC, SC, ST or Muslims, to peddle the “oppressive Hindus” propaganda.

Interestingly, BBC doesn’t seem like the only one doing this. In fact, they seem to have taken their inspiration from Indian propaganda outlet, run by an American citizen, The Wire.

In 2019, The Wire had posted a job application appeal on its website where it had in no uncertain terms mentioned they “encourage” Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim candidates to apply.

Job posting by The Wire

The Wire, run by American citizen Siddharth Varadarajan, is the same Left propaganda website that had told one of its journalist to “let it go” after a Dalit activists had heckled and molested her.

Damayantee Dhar was covering a case of one Doctor Mariraj, a third-year resident doctor of the BJ Medical College who had alleged caste discrimination against nine people of the department. As per Damayantee, while she was investigating, she came across some proof against Dr. Mariraj and proof that some of his allegations don’t hold water.

She said back then that while she was interviewing Dr Mariraj, Keval Rathod, a group of men led by Keval Rathod entered the room where the interview was being held and starting abusing and heckling Dhar. She said that in this incident that took place on 7th January, she and a journalist from the Ahmedabad Mirror were attacked by a mob of 15-20 Dalit men (presumably led by Keval Rathod, an advocate/Dalit activist from Una). They were manhandled, heckled, their press card and mobile phones were snatched and their recording was deleted. She said all this happened while 7-8 men kept recording what was happening to them while abusing them verbally.

She further alleged that The Wire asked her to ‘let it go’ simply because the assailants were “Dalit” and it would presumably hurt the cause.

In another case, The Wire had invented a “caste angle” to a fake case but had forgotten to mention that the accused were Muslims and not Hindus.

In all of this, and many more cases, The Wire and other media outlets like The BBC that get inspired by The Wire, have proved that their sole aim is to show that Dalits are “oppressed” by Hindus to deepen the fissures in the Hindu society. Further, they want to create a divide to peddle the narrative that Hindus belonging to the OBC, SC, ST community are not Hindus, to begin with, and that they are “minorities” that have, or need to have an alliance with the Muslims to ‘take down the ‘oppressive Hindu society’. It does not come as a surprise that only recently, The New York Times had also posted a job opening that needed their candidate to harbour visceral hatred for Hindus and PM Modi.

Both the job posting by The Wire in 2019 and the inspired job posting by the BBC today point towards a propaganda Blitzkrieg that the liberal media plans to unleash against Hindus. Blitzkrieg is a method of offensive warfare that the liberal media has been at war with Hindus for several years, with such job postings hinting that the war against Hindus is only going to get worse.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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