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British actor Bernard Hill, who played King Theoden in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and Captain Smith in ‘Titanic’, passes away

Bernard Hill, the esteemed British actor whose compelling performances graced some of the most iconic films of recent decades, has died at the age of 79.

‘ISIS bride’ Shamima Begum who travelled to Syria and joined the terror outfit loses appeal against removal of her UK citizenship

Shamima Begum, who left Britain to join Islamic State, has lost an appeal against the UK government's decision to remove her British citizenship

British daily The Times demonises PM Modi and India for not supporting draconian Sharia, believes asking Muslims to follow UCC is a ‘crackdown’

The Times recently published an article claiming the introduction of UCC is an attempt at 'overturning Sharia law in Muslim crackdown'

Rishi Sunak sacks Suella Braverman over her stand on pro-Palestinian protests, James Cleverly appointed new British Home Secretary

Braverman, a likely contender for the Conservative Party's future leader, had consistently denounced the tens of thousands of demonstrators who have assembled in London since Hamas's attack on Israel last month. The rallies have been dubbed "hate marches" and "mobs" by Braverman.

UK govt adds India to the list of ‘safe states’, no more asylum for illegally entering Indians

With this addition, all asylum claims from Indian nationals who arrive on small boats or illegally on other routes will be deemed inadmissible. There will be no appeals and they will be sent back.

Depraved double life of Adam Britton: British crocodile expert admits he raped, tortured and killed dozens of dogs in a “torture room”

British crocodile expert Adam Britton has confessed to 60 charges against him in connection with bestiality.

The horrors of partition: How the British left a legacy of unrest which haunts us to this day

The world’s worst historical horrors of mass genocide were the cold-blooded ruthless murders which the partition of India saw

British Museum, which houses several Indian artefacts, sacks staff member over missing treasures

Around six million visitors visit Britsh museum every year to see items "collected" by British from around the world during their rule in different countries including India

Rock Band ‘The 1975’ banned from Malaysia after criticism of anti-LGBT laws and an on-stage kiss between members Matty Healy and Ross MacDonald

Malaysia is a Muslim-dominated conservative country where homosexuality is considered a crime and punishable by 20 years in jail

BBC accepts it evaded taxes in India, agrees to pay Rs 40 crore to authorities, however, is yet to provide this in writing: Details

BBC has reportedly admitted that they evaded taxes in India and are now committing to pay Rs 40 crores in tax arrears

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