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Jamia professor Shoaib Jamai spreads lies about Hindu religious texts, claims Apsaras are same as Hoors in Islam, here are the facts

Apsaras are described in Hindu scriptures as celestial maidens associated with the court of God Indra, and they are associated with several important incidents. Nowhere it is mentioned that Apsaras are 'available' for ordinary men as prizes, like how Hoors are described in Islam

A film titled 72 Hoorain (72 Hoors) depicting the dark face of Islamic terrorism is soon to release. The teaser of the film was launched on 4th June 2023. After the teaser of this film was released, Dr Shoaib Jamai, Chairman of India Muslim Foundation and a professor of Jamia Millia Islamia University, posted a thread of tweets spreading fake things about Hindu religious texts to whitewash the concept of 72 Hoors in his faith that is Islam.

Hoors (meaning beautiful virgin ladies) promised to Muslim men when they go to Jannat (meaning paradise or heaven) after attaining martyrdom while on the path of Jihad is one of the most alluring baits to join Jihad and unleash Islamic terrorism. The terror masters of various terrorist outfits lure Muslim youths with jannat and 72 hoors to kill infidels (non-Muslims) and wage jihad against them. Trapped in this greed, Muslims become terrorists and then get ready to kill others and themselves. When the film’s teaser calling out this Islamic belief was released, Dr Shoaib Jamai took to Twitter to write false things about Apsaras described in various Hindu scriptures, and compared them with Hoors.

He wrote, “Those who don’t marry and spread hatred over social media in an attempt to get 1000 Apsaras of heaven are nowadays preaching knowledge on 72 hoors. Kalyug is astonishing.”

With this post, he shared two images with multiple purported verses from Hindu scriptures which said that if a warrior attains martyrdom in a war, one thousand Apsaras of heaven wish to become his wife. Dr Shoaib Jamai’s post quoted from Hindu scriptures like Devi Bhagwat, Matsya Purana, Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Mahabharata, etc.

Dr Shoaib Jamai further wrote, “Literary proof of the existence of Apsara From Rigveda and Vishnu Purana.”

With this tweet, he shared some alleged translations of the said Hindu scriptures describing the creation of Apsaras. Dr Shoaib Jamai essentially tried to imply that like Muslims kill non-Muslims to get 72 Hoors in paradise, Hindus also kill others so that they get 1000 Apsaras.

However, these are false claims, and while Hindu scripts mention Apsaras, nowhere it is written that Hindus will get 1000 Apsaras. Apsaras are described as celestial maidens associated with the court of God Indra, and they are associated with several important incidents described in Hindu texts. According to the Mahabharata, Apsaras, along with Gandharvas, were engaged in divine tasks, and they worshipped God Brahma through hymns and chants. Nowhere it is mentioned that Apsaras are ‘available’ for ordinary men as prizes, like how Hoors are described.

The Jamia professor’s claims were debunked by author Anshul Pandey who quoted relevant references and authentic translations of Hindu scriptures to show how Dr Shoaib Jamai spread misinformation about the Hindu holy books.

Out of the references quoted by Dr Shoaib Jamai, Van Parva of Mahabharata – verse number 168.6-7 did not mention Apsaras. Jamai gave a false translation. Anshuman Parva’s reference from Mahabharata – verse number 13.79.27 was also cross-checked by Anshul Pandey – the author who holds exceptional authority on Mahabharata. That reference also did not mention Apsaras.

Atharva Veda’s verse number 4.34.2 was also quoted by Dr Shoaib Jamai. Anshul Pandey provided a proper translation of the text and underlined that it talks about women and not Apsaras.

Dr Shoaib Jamai also quoted the 31st verse of the 3rd chapter of the Parashar Smriti. Anshul Pandey gave the original script and translation of yet another verse and proved that it does not contain any word which means women or Apsaras.

Similarly, Dr Shoaib Jamai implied that Rig Veda 10.103.3 and Atharva Veda 2.2.5 mention Apsaras. While the Rig Veda reference – as cross verified by Anshul Pandey – did not contain the word Apsaras while the other reference called Apsaras as wives of Gandharvas and that they should be worshipped.

The only reference that was found quasi-factual was the one from Mahabharata. Dr Shoaib Jamai said that Shati Parva (12) 98.46-48 of Mahabharata says that a warrior gets 1000 Apsaras after attaining martyrdom. Anshul Pandey providing proper translation tweeted, “You mentioned about Mahabharat Shanti Parva (12).98.46-48. Here Apsara is mentioned but it says that a Beautiful woman is waiting for his Husband in Swarga lok, And nothing wrong in having intimacy with her husband. You translated as per your convenience.”

Explaining the difference between the concepts of Apsaras and Hoors, Anshul Pandey told Dr Shoaib Jamai, “Enough of evidence now, If you really want to know more about Apsaras in our scriptures then do your Ghar wapsi. Apsara is a celestial term in Sanatan and Worship them, you can’t compare them to hoors, Are Hoors worshipped in heaven? No right? it is a completely different concept.”

He further explained how Apsaras were made by Brahma for Natya Shastra – the classical theatre that roots in Indian in fact Hindu mythology. He also underlined the difference between a Hoor and an Apsara. While a Hoor is only meant to give sexual pleasure to the Muslim who attains martyrdom during Jihad against non-Muslims, an Apsara is meant for the art it is created for. wrote, “In Natya Shastra, it’s mentioned that they Originated for Abhinay. If you find any verse in the Scriptures to have the pleasure of Apsaras means you need to watch their Natya (Not for Sex). It is up to you with what intentions you are seeing that Natya of that girl.”

This explanation, however difficult to comprehend for someone like Dr Shoaib Jamai holds importance because in the guise of giving a rebuttal to something as indefensible as the concept of 72 Hoors, Islamic professors like Dr Shoaib Jamai start misquoting the false translations of Hindu scriptures to whitewash the superstition in their religion.

Shoaib Jamei is known for his controversial acts and comments. He was a media coordinator of the Shaheen Bagh protests.

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