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Lord Ram’s portraits desecrated by Muslim mobs, counters with Zubair written over them unscathed: The truth of Alwar hospital Rajdeep Sardesai wants to hide

In the hospital, OpIndia team found that portraits of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, and Guru Nanak have been vandalised. These torn and shredded portraits revealed that they had been attacked and desecrated with sharp objects, seemingly swords, in contrast to claims made by Rajdeep Sardesai.

The grim reality of anti-Hindu Nuh violence which erupted on the 31st of July is slowly unraveling and the details of it are getting scarier. The murderous Muslim mob launched a premeditated attack on the Jalabhishek Yatra organised by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The mob pelted stones, fired gunshots, burnt scores of vehicles, and sieged the Nalhar Mahadev temple to execute a hostage-like situation. 

Earlier, it came to light that not only Hindus, their temples, and police stations were attacked. But now it has come to the fore that the mobs hadn’t spared hospitals either. Evidently, in Nuh, there is an Alwar hospital that witnessed the barbarity of the frenzied mob and the signs of it were still visible when the OpIndia team visited the spot.     

It is the same hospital where injured policemen and home guards were getting treatment on the ill-fated day of the violence. The rioters knew beforehand that security personnel were getting treatment in this hospital, an eyewitness told our team on the condition of anonymity. 

The place where police and home guard personnel were undergoing treatment was also brutally attacked by the mob. 

In the hospital, our team found that portraits of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, and Guru Nanak have been vandalised. These torn and shredded portraits revealed that they had been attacked and desecrated with sharp objects, seemingly swords. 

The pathway to the maternity ward had been ransacked, its door left shattered and broken. The vandalism in the maternity ward, where pregnant ladies and mothers of newborn babies are admitted, clearly hinted that the mob had targeted this area as well. The signs of vandalism and ransacking painted a grim and chaotic picture, prompting women to seek safety and run for cover. 

Apparently, the aforementioned portraits of Hindu Gods, which have been desecrated, are used to adorn the area near the patients’ beds.

Evidence of vandalism starts from Hospital Entry

The entry doors of Alwar Hospital have been broken. There were 2 big glass panes inside the entry gate, which have been broken. These shattered glasses lie all over the place near the OPD at the entry gate. The walls of the hospital have also been damaged. Electric wires have been uprooted. Even the CCTV cameras were not spared. 

The hospital also has pictures of Lord Ganesha. There is a board with Dr Jagir Singh’s name written on it. The wall clocks have Ganapati pictures in the background. For the time being, the shutter of the maternity ward was closed, however, here too the shattered glasses are all over the place. The broken glass doors have been tied with ropes. People present there showed red marks and stated that doors were attacked with swords. 

The Muslim Mob targeted the ICU ward as well and it has been vandalised in the attack. The aftermath situation of this ward is not different either with shattered glasses. Here things are in complete disarray. 

In fact here, the entire glass panel is missing in one of these doors. A large portion of the glass installed right next to the entry gate has also been damaged and the sword marks are also visible on it. The extent of destruction hints that not just patients but even the employees would have faced the brunt of it and run for shelter. 

The hospital has 3 entry gates and all of them have been damaged in the attack. The iron-shutter gates have sharp markings as if attacked with sharp objects clearly indicating that the mob was armed. 

Interestingly, there is a medicine shop inside the hospital with Zubair Khan written on the medical counter. He is a pharmacist and the shop is under his name. Although there is glaring evidence of vandalism throughout the hospital building, the medical counter shows no such signs of attack. There is no sign of destruction of any kind on Zubair’s shop and his counter. Can this be a mere coincidence or did the riotous mob sparred it seeing the name of Zubair on the medical counter? 

The ransacked building and visible signs of vandalism completely shatter the misleading claims some have been adamantly peddling to reinforce their false narrative that no harm was meted out at the Alwar Hospital.

Rajdeep Sardesai refutes the attack on the hospital in Nuh

It is pressing for us to tell the unadulterated truth and the monstrosity of this anti-Hindu attack, as a section of the media has taken it on themselves, as a matter of prestige, to pin the blame on Hindus for this premeditated violence by the Muslim mob. 

Evidently, Rajdeep Sardesai did a show in which he tried to pin the blame on Hindus while trying his level best to shield the Islamic fundamentalists. He unilaterally blamed Monu Yadav of Manesar for the anti-Hindu Nuh Shobha Yatra attack. 

Going ahead, he tried to paint a false picture giving ropeway to the Muslim arsonist arguing as if even if the Muslims did violence, it was just a sporadic reaction.

Taking to X(Twitter), stating that he has checked the story with ADGP Haryana, Rajdeep Sardesai refuted the reports of the attack on the Hospitals and termed it fake. 

However, on reaching ground zero, our team found that the hospital displays undeniable signs of vandalism and there is a clear pattern that the Islamist mob followed, while the hospital building has been damaged to a great extent, Zubair’s name surprisingly gave safety net to the medical counter.  

There is a high possibility that nobody had reported the incident to the police, but it doesn’t mean the crime didn’t take place, cynical denialists should ask themselves –  Will the patients save their lives first or will they go to register an FIR?

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