Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Arun Shourie is neither 100% right nor 100% wrong

An analysis of Arun Shourie's interview to Headlines Today

Threatened and boycotted, Muslim family that converted to Hinduism goes back to Islam

A Muslim family in Agra that had accepted Hinduism has gone back to Islam after facing threats and social boycott.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Big Move by Modi Sarkaar

The move is aimed to bear shocks that may arise from sudden and unexpected movements in global prices.

Top Lies spread by the Indian Media in April 2015

With 18 Lies, MSM has outdone itself for the month of April

Oops IE did it again! Indian Express spins story on Nepal tragedy too!

Indian Express is fast becoming the leading MSM outlet to publish half truths and push propaganda

In how many trains must Rahul Gandhi travel, before he is called a man?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

The Coming of Age of Smriti Irani

Highlights of Smriti Irani's passionate fact-filled speech, which did not make news.

When Nepal was groaning in earthquake, Christian Missionaries were shamelessly selling Jesus

Nepal was hit by a massive Earthquake, causing huge damages. Christian Missionaries took no time to propagate Gospel and Jesus.

Massive damage by earthquake in Nepal, here are some latest development and useful resources

Massive earthquake shakes Nepal. Hope things get normal very soon.

7 Questions AAP must answer, irrespective of Ashutosh’s tears

AAP can not run away from these questions on Gajendra Singh's unfortunate and unnatural death.

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