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Reserve Bank of India extends deadline for depositing Rs 2000 notes to October 7; reiterates that it would continue to remain a legal tender

Banks will stop accepting Rs 2,000 notes for deposit or exchange from October 8. However, RBI specified options that people could avail for depositing or exchanging Rs 2000 notes from October 8

No ‘flip flop’ or ‘mismanagement’ around Rs 2000 note withdrawal, the signs were clear from day one. Read details

The withdrawal of Rs 2000 note by RBI is not sudden neither it is a flip-flop, it was a widely anticipated decision.

RBI withdraws Rs 2000 currency notes from circulation, to remain legal tender. Here is how and when the notes can be exchanged

The Reserve Bank of India has advised banks to stop issuing 2000 denomination banknotes with immediate effect.

THIS is why so many money launderers are getting caught. And it will only get worse

There seems to be a design to all the raids

How sensationalist media obfuscated the truth about terrorists having Rs. 2000 notes

If you skimmed media reports, you’d think that terrorists have huge cache of new currency notes.

The truth about colour coming off the new Rs 2000 note

The truth is often simpler to explain

10 rumours related to demonetisation that you might have believed as true

Some in media and political parties are working overtime to spread misinformation and lies.

Congress IT cell caught spreading lies on Twitter, again

Man working for party’s digital communication spreads defamatory picture of a girl and spreads rumours.

All you need to know about the ban on Rs 500 / Rs 1000 notes

A summary of what is going to happen and what to do

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