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Afghan nationals

Pakistan to start next round of deportation of Aghans, even with legal documents, back to Afghanistan; migrants voice concern about their future

Pakistan reportedly plans to begin the second phase of its expulsion of Afghan migrants from April 10 after having driven 5,35,000 of them out of the nation since November last year.

Delhi High Court reserves order on plea alleging denial of RTE benefits to Afghan refugee students studying at MCD Primary School

The Delhi HC has reserved the order on a PIL moved for 46 Afghan Refugee students of a MCD run school Jangpura on denial of Right to Education (RTE) Act benefits like uniform, scholarship, etc on the alleged reason of non-opening of their bank account.

Afghan refugees deported from Pakistan: How Taliban, once propped up by Islamabad, has come back to bite it

Hundreds and thousands of Afghans who fled Talibani rule in Afghanistan to neighbouring Pakistan are forced to return as Islamabad begins crackdown against what it calls 'illegal refugees'.

Pakistan wants global “ummah” to fight for Hamas terrorists in the name of religion, but orders the eviction of nearly 2 million Afghan refugees...

Ironically, Pakistan has cited security concerns accusing Afghan refugees of terror attacks, street crimes, and drug trafficking

Delhi: Two Afghan nationals arrested; methamphetamine and heroin worth over Rs 1,200 crores seized

The Delhi Police arrested the two Afghan nationals and recovered 606 bags of methamphetamine from them.

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