Sunday, July 21, 2024


Agni V

India’s Mission Divyastra: MIRV-enabled Agni-V missile is capable of firing multiple nuclear warheads in a single launch. All you need to know

Mission Divyastra: India successfully tests MIRV technology for Agni V missiles, capable of firing nuclear warheads thousands of kilometres away

India successfully carries out night trials of the Agni-V nuclear-capable ballistic missile at its full range of 5500 km

Ballistic missile Agni-V, which India successfully test fired today, has a very high degree of accuracy and can strike targets over 5,000 kilometres away

India successfully tests fire new-generation ballistic missile Agni-P with nuclear capabilities

Agni-P is a two-staged nuclear-capable ballistic missile using solid propellants, with improved manoeuvring and accuracy.

Importance of Agni-V in the Doval strategy to counter China and Congress’ lazy commentary

Agni missiles play a key role in India's strategy to counter Chinese threat

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