Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Anti-CAA riots

Jammu: In the wake of anti-CAA protests, Hindus and Muslims come together in support of the Act

Amidst violent protests happening across the country in opposition to CAA, Hindus and Muslims in Jammu came together to extend their support to the Act

From ‘we want Lalu out of jail’ to ‘CAA is a machine that produces Indian citizens’: Read bizarre reasons why RJD supporters are protesting

RJD supporters proffered disparately bizarre reasons for the state-wide protests carried out by the party over CAA

Meerut: Anti-CAA rioters trap RAF police forces in a house and try to burn them alive, 4 rioters killed after bullets fly from both...

Anti-CAA rioters in Meerut trapped 25-30 RAF police trainees in a house and tried to torch it, but failed

AAP MLA and Delhi Waqf Board Chairman Amanatullah Khan rewards Md Minhajuddin, who got ‘injured’ during Jamia anti-CAA riots

AAP MLA and chairman of Delhi Waqf Board Amanatullah Khan provided Minhajuddin, injured during Jamia riots, financial aid

Anti-CAA violence: Section 144 extended till 31st January in Uttar Pradesh, internet service suspended in 21 districts

According to reports 11 persons have died in the violence during anti-CAA protests

Anti-CAA protesters in Bengaluru display blatant Hinduphobia by distorting Hindu Om symbol to look like the Nazi symbol

Anti CAA protesters carry poster showing Hindu Om symbol as the Nazi Swastika symbol, and the text 'Fuck Hindutva'

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