Tuesday, July 23, 2024


Bagheswar Dham

Send kids towards Lord Hanuman, not towards Santa Claus: Dhirendra Shastri asks Sanatan followers to stop celebrating Christmas

Dhirendra Shastri advised that Hindu parents should send their kids to the nearby Hanuman ji temple instead of sending them to Santa Claus.

Nihang Sikh, previously a Muslim, issues threats based on utter lies: Who is Khalistani Toofan Singh and what is the threat to Bageshwar Dham...

Nihang Sikh identified as Harmandeep Singh alias Toofan Singh released a video on his Instagram account threatening Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Dhirendra Krishna Shastri.

Uttar Pradesh: Anas Ansari arrested for issuing death threat to Bagheshwar Dham’s Dhirendra Shastri

Police official said that we have arrested one Anas Ansari for issuing a death threat to Dhirendra Shastri in a post on the social media platform Instagram.

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