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Liberal narrative, police statement and convenience to select sides: How attacks on Hindus is ignored under the garb of ‘no communal angle’

Secondly, police have to operate in conditions where tensions and animosity escalate very quickly among the communities. There have been times when they deny communal angle even when it is present only to prevent further unrest in the region where the incident occurred.

Uttar Pradesh: Police arrest Mohammed Faisal for assaulting a ‘skull cap-wearing’ boy in Kanpur, Islamists give communal colour to the incident

Islamists attempted to impart a communal spin to the case by specifying the religion of the victim.

‘Does not discriminate, forgoes poor kid’s fees’: As Islamo-liberals give communal angle to Muzaffarnagar school case, Muslim villager praises Tripta Tyagi

Many Islamists and their sympathisers tried to fan communal discord by misrepresenting the Muzaffarnagar school case as a Hindu-Muslim issue

Karnataka: Islamists share a stabbing incident at Chitradurga with a fake communal angle, here is the truth

An incident of murder over personal animosity shared with fake communal angle on social media.

US-based Christian NGO spreading communal disharmony: MP HC asks State govt, NCPCR to respond to the complaint filed. Read details

The Christian NGO 'Persecution Relief' accused of tarnishing India's image internationally by giving communal twists to incidents of crime

BJP MLA files complaint against Rahul Gandhi, Asaduddin Owaisi, Swara Bhasker seeking FIR under NSA for trying to instigate communal riots using fake news

Loni MLA Nand Kishor Gurjar said Rahul Gandhi and others were trying to create communai riots by blaming Hindus for the Loni assault case

Mob ‘justice’ in Rajasthan: Tyre shop owner Sattar Khan and Azaad arrested after they assault two on suspicion of theft

Irrespective of the communal narratives that are invariably woven, by the gang of liberals and leftist media around such incidents of mob assault, especially if the victims belong to the Muslim community, these incidents are quite common.

Rajasthan: Muslim auto driver was thrashed by drunk miscreants for tobacco and money, communal angle not confirmed by police

Muslim Auto driver in Rajasthan was thrashed for looting him, not for not chanting Jai Sri Ram as alleged, confirms police

Zee News anchor Aman Chopra teaches a Maulana a lesson in secularism

The discussion on Zee News was premised on the recent communal incident in Davanagere wherein Muslim women were hounded for purchasing clothes from a Hindu shop.

Fact Check: Left-liberals malign Hindus by sharing 13 imaginary Hindu names for those arrested in espionage case

Left Liberals share 13 Hindu names saying they are arrested in espionage case while police have not disclosed any name

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