Friday, May 14, 2021


Cow protection

Alwar incident: gau rakshaks or gang wars?

Alwar Police claims it was a case of gang wars, not cow vigilantism.

Bengaluru techie brutally attacked by a large mob for reporting illegal cow slaughter

She has alleged that the police were in cahoots with these smugglers

Gau rakshaks attacked by mob of butchers and cattle traders near Pune, 7 injured

The mob comprised friends and supporters of suspected cattle smuggler Wahid Shaikh and Raju Shaikh.

Sant Gopal Das: fighting for cow rights by bringing dead bull at political rally

The self styled saint and activist brought a dead bull at a Haryana rally being addressed by BJP President Amit Shah.

‘Abrahamic Hindutva’ – a fictitious term with force-fitted analysis

Columnist Tufail Ahmad claims to have invented the term, and he is horribly wrong in his assumptions.

Muslim gau-rakshak attempts suicide over police inaction against beef mafia that killed his brother

The mafia is alleged to have fired at another member of the family recently. Incident happened in Uttar Pradesh.

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