Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots Ground Report

Muslim rioters kept a dead body in their house for 24 hours, sent to autopsy only after compensation was announced: Delhi Riots ground report

A Muslim rioter who got killed by a Muslim mob was taken to his house and his body was kept for 24 hours until the compensation was announced by the Kejriwal government for riot victims

My brother was killed by Jihad, every masjid and madarsa must be raided: Brother of Dalit murdered in Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots

OpIndia speaks to Suresh, brother of Dinesh Kumar Khatik, one of the many who was killed in anti-Hindu riots in Delhi.

Ground report on Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots: A Wandering Father and a Weeping Mother wait for missing 15-year-old Dharmendra for 7 days

Father and brother of Dharmendra keep searching for him after he went missing during Delhi riots

Limbs chopped, thrown into fire like a piece of meat: Video of Delhi anti-Hindu Delhi riot victim Dilbar Negi goes viral

Dilbar Singh Negi was burnt by a mob of rioters in a burning house after being cut off with a sword during Delhi riots

Delhi Anti-Hindu riots: 23-year-old Rahul Thakur, who was preparing for SSC, was shot dead by a Muslim mob in Brijpuri

When we expressed our desire to meet Rahul's mother, she said, "If you come into the house, then bring my son Rahul along with you".

Delhi anti-Hindu riots: One more dead body recovered from drain near Gokulpuri metro station

One more dead body has been recovered from a drain near Gokulpuri metro station in NorthEast Delhi.

Delhi anti-Hindu riots: Alok Tiwari, sole breadwinner of his family, left after eating food on Wednesday morning, but never returned

While Alok Tiwari's widow Kavita Tiwari cannot stop crying, his two children, Sonakshi and Ayush are unaware that they lost their father.

Hindu women have to come from far off to get Kejriwal’s ‘free water’, while Muslims have water tank: Ground report

Hindus in Shiv Vihar and surrounding areas have to dip their buckets in drainage water to collect 'free water' supplied by Delhi Government from pipes which open in the sewer.

Delhi riots ground report: Muslim women rained down acid from the terrace, slingshots were used to hurl petrol bombs

Shiv Vihar, Delhi: Contrast with Hindu shops being reduced to smithereens while the Muslim houses standing intact

Chand Bagh ground report: Islamists from Tahir Hussain house destroy wedding of Hindu girl who used to call them ‘bhaijaan’

Muslim rioters from Tahir Hussain building hurled bricks at a Hindu house where marriage preparations were underway

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