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‘Demographics is destiny’, says Elon Musk on India becoming world’s most populous country

Earlier, in August, Musk said that the population collapsed due to low birth rates, which is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming. 

Water supply from ‘UAE Association’ tap, hundreds of mosques, madrasas and shops selling burqa in villages of Siddharthnagar: Ground Report

Dumariaganj is the only place where taps with Urdu and Arabic nameplates have been installed on the Indo-Nepal border by 'The Khair Technical Society. On these taps, the 'United Arab Emirates Association' is written in Arabic and the 'Khair Technical Society India' is written in English.

Rising cases of love jihad in Nepal and its Delhi connection, smuggling plaguing India’s border with Nepal: Ground report

OpIndia found evidence that proves how the menace of 'love jihad' or 'grooming jihad' has also plagued Nepal, the land of mountains

Demographic change hits other side of the border too, Mosques and Madarasas mushroom in former Hindu dominated areas in Nepal: Ground report

OpIndia ground report reveals massive demographic change in Nepal along India border, mosques have come up everywhere

Sharp increase in voters in West Bengal’s ‘mini-Pakistan’, opposition parties cry foul: Read Details

There has been a rise of 9% voters in Metiabruz, referred to as 'mini Pakistan' by Mayor of Kolkata Firhad Hakim.

Christian Evangelism and The Joshua Project: An existential threat to Hinduism

The Indian government needs to do something urgently to put an end to the menace of Christian evangelism and safeguard the nation from the perils of demographic instability.

Is a sinister plan afoot to Islamicise Hindu majority Jammu by consciously settling illegal Rohingyas there?

Are the Rohingyas a sinister plot to change the demography of Jammu?

Book Excerpt: ‘Truth About Muslim Population Explosion In India’ by S R Swaroop

The book analyses the data from census 2011 in depth and provides vital insights on the implications of a rapid demographic change

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