Saturday, October 16, 2021


Drug Addicts

When Pakistan’s First Lady Bushra Bibi made a surprise visit to a mental health facility and asked where drug addicts are kept

It is notable here that supernatural claims and rumours about Bushra Bibi are quite common in Pakistan. Bushra Bibi is known as ‘Pinky Peerni’, a living saint-woman with special powers.

Bihar: Sunny Sinha stabbed to death by local goon Mohammed Ladla, police had let him go with a warning

Before Sinha was stabbed to death, the locals had alerted the police of the nuisance created by Md Ladla and his gang, however they took no action.

Delhi: Out on bail Salman calls the police, threatens to kill PM Modi

Salman is reportedly a drug addict and a history-sheeter with several cases against him. He is currently out on bail.

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter obsessed with prostitutes and making porn, uploaded family member’s naked butt to Pornhub account: Reports

Obsessed with pornography, Hunter Biden had a large collection of naked selfies and hundreds of pictures of nude women.

‘Imran Khan mere samne cocaine ka nasha karta tha’: Former Pakistan cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz’s shocking revelation

Sarfaraz Nawaz has stated that he has seen Imran Khan snorting cocaine and the current Pakistan PM's drug habits were rather well known.

Uttar Pradesh: Noida man arrested for making threatening call regarding PM Modi ahead of Independence Day

Noida Police arrested one Harbhajan Singh for making a threatening call to harm PM Modi

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