Sunday, May 9, 2021



‘Bharat Bandh’ by ‘farmer protestors’ in Punjab leads to Rs 500 crore loss: Reports

Congress, AAP, BSP and SAD workers were seen in protests in different parts of Punjab on Friday during the 'Bharat Bandh'.

Farm to market: How Agri-startups are working to empower small and medium farmers in India

Prime Minister Modi has emphasized the need to remove barriers for our farmers, create an open market for them, and encouraged investment in the agricultural sector by enhancing logistics and technology.

20 hours after terming it ‘fake news’, BKU Ekta Ugrahan confirms that Joginder Singh Ugrahan tested positive for COVID-19: Here is what happened

Joginder Singh Ugrahan, the State General Secretary of BKU Ekta Ugrahan has tested positive for COVID-19.

Newer FCI norms is not a move to get rid of MSP, Centre rubbishes claims and fear-mongering

Farmer leaders are indulging in fear-mongering by claiming that the tighter procurement norms proposed by the government is one way of government doing away with MSP.

‘Apolitical farmer protest’ leader Rakesh Tikait seen riding a ‘Congress Tractor’ in Jodhpur

It is evident that through these farmers’ meetings Rakesh Tikait is actually trying to build up his own political base.

‘Apolitical Farmer leaders’ jump into electoral politics to ‘teach BJP a lesson’, reaches West Bengal: What their pamphlet says

Rakesh Tikait and other 'farmer leaders' will actively campaign against BJP in West Bengal during the assembly elections

It is confirmed, Congress CM in Punjab is speaking on behalf of middlemen, not the farmers: Here is what he said

Punjab CM Amarinder Singh has objected to the Centre's move of directly making payments to farmers' bank account, alleging that it would aggravate the ongoing crisis over farm laws.

Watch: ‘Farmers’ bully and pounce on a young girl as she confronts Rakesh Tikait on Republic Day riots

When the girl questioned Rakesh Tikait over the Republic Day riots, farmer leaders on the stage snatched away the microphone from her

Icchadhari protestor Yogendra Yadav finally admits that farmers’ protest is political and is about defeating PM Modi: Read how

Four months after the farmers protest began, Yogendra Yadav has finally admitted that the protests are indeed political

Man attacks Ajay Devgn’s car, hurls abuses for his tweet on ‘farmer protests’

The man blocked Ajay Devgn's car outside Goregaon film studio for not speaking in support of farmers protest.

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