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US man sues Dunkin’ Donuts claiming a toilet at its Florida outlet exploded on him and covered him in human feces and urine

A man has sued the American multinational coffee and doughnut company Dunkin' Donuts franchise store in Florida claiming that a malfunctioning toilet in the outlet exploded on him leaving him covered in debris including 'human feces and urine'

USA: Florida’s Broward County passes resolution recognizing November as Hindu Heritage Month

The resolution reads: "Hinduism is one of the world's largest and oldest religions with over 1.2 billion adherents in over 100 countries and which encompasses an array of diverse traditions and belief systems, also known as "Sanatana Dharma," with core values of acceptance, mutual respect, freedom and peace."

United States: White supremacist goes on a shooting spree in Florida, kills 3 African Americans, was earlier evaluated for mental health crisis

According to the investigators, Ryan Palmeter was a lone-wolf attacker, who was in possession of a tactical vest, mask, handgun and an AR-15-style rifle.

USA: 13-year-old girl thwarts a shark attack at Florida beach, gets bitten in the stomach, arm, knee and finger

A 13-year-old girl is on the mend after she courageously fought off a shark that attacked her at a Florida beach on Thursday.

Walt Disney goes full woke, jumps in to oppose Ron DeSantis’ Florida bill that aims to prevent small children taught sexual orientation at school

Disney makes its position clear about the 'Don't Say Gay' Bill, condemns it officially after LGBTQ employees protest on its campuses against the Florida bill.

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