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forced religious conversion

UP: E-rickshaw driver Salman entraps a Hindu woman under false pretences, his father and brother rape her after marriage, pressurise her to convert

The accused started to do obscene actions with her 12-year-old daughter after which she approached the authorities.

Love Jihad in Ghaziabad: Sameer becomes Naresh to befriend Hindu girl and rapes her, pretends to marry her in temple, assaults and forces her...

Sameer threatened to kill the victim of his love jihad if she didn't convert to Islam after his real identity was exposed.

Love Jihad in MP: Arshad becomes Bhaiyyu to befriend Hindu girl on Instagram, rapes and tortures her for over a year, forces her to...

Arshad sexually assaulted the girl by threatening to murder her family members and even recorded her videos.

Pakistan: While authorities allow Muslims to abduct and marry underage Hindu girls, they step in to save a minor Muslim girl from forced marriage

Pakistan rescues a minor Muslim from from marriage to a 72 year old man, but the admin and courts in the country don't treat minor Hindu girls similarly

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