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It was found during the investigation that the madrassas had appointed teachers to teach subjects other than those they held qualifications in.
Forged visa stamps and documents of India and Afghanistan have been recovered from a printing press in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Fake banking apps are available on Play Store
The searches are being conducted as part of a tax evasion probe against two construction firms linked to the AAP leader.
On that day, as per Rajya Sabha attendance records, Arun Jaitley did not attend the session at Parliament.
Rizvi said that he could not even register an FIR against Mallya due to political pressure by Rahul Gandhi and Ghulam Nabi Azad.
Vijay Mallya has also stated that he has made a comprehensive settlement offer before the Karnataka High Court.
Mallya had last evening said that he met the FM before he left for the UK, Jaitley denied having any such official meeting
The arrested duo allegedly obtained signatures of labourers and presented them to the bank as farmers seeking a loan
The Modi government has been in relentless pursuit of Nirav Modi
The editor says he was unaware of the crime happening under his nose for five years.
This is certainly a step in the right direction
The CBI has filed a case against Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd (DCHL) and its Chairman
Gurpal Singh, Deputy General Manager in Simbhaoli Sugars Limited, is one of the 13 officials booked
If the RBI orders had been followed, the scam would have been detected at a much earlier stage
Gehlot's brother is accused of profiteering by cheating farmers and customs dept during Congress govt in Rajasthan.
Is the long arm of the law finally catching up?
Earlier BSE had sought clarification regarding NDTV entering into agreement of sale.
A look at how the technology behind Aadhaar enrollment and authentication works, and the concerns.
News agency PTI has notched up a reputation of spreading misleading information
Mallya is currently in London even as agencies have started the process of recovering the money he's fled with.
The fraudster used to convince people of his genuine intentions and credentials by posing as a journalist.
From routing money to different entities owned by him to diverting funds abroad, Mallya has done it all.
The NDTV founder decided to safeguard himself from dissenting views within the media fraternity.
Malini Parthasarathy, former editor of The Hindu, has said that the case against NDTV is not about press freedom.

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