Friday, April 23, 2021


gang rape

Meerut Police slams journalist for casting aspersions on police for registering fake cases

Meerut Police asks the journalist to fact-check before tweeting.

BJP MLA blames illegal Bangladeshis for rising crime, as a series of heinous rapes shock Assam

The Northeastern state has witnessed several brutal crimes against within a very short span of time

15 year old gang rape victim commits suicide and the Odisha government has a lot to answer

The victim committed suicide after a long, harrowing experience

Hindu girl gang raped by Muslim man after he failed to forcibly convert and marry her

The incident has been reported from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Muzaffarnagar rape case: victim stands by her statement, claims was forced to eat meat

Individuals followed by the PM are the latest target of bullies

Propagandists target private citizen just because he is followed by PM Modi

Is being accused of rape less important than being followed by the prime minister?

Prashant Bhushan slammed for blaming crime by Muslims on ‘Hindutva’

The lawyer stooped to a new low by dragging religion and politics in crime, and that too by making wrong claims.

How media dragged in ‘caste’ in a rape-cum-murder case, almost following ‘Pakistan doctrine’

When you invent a caste atrocity where there is none, you are doing disservice to many parties all at once.

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