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Gay rights

Nigeria: Police raids gay wedding event, over 200 persons arrested, homosexuals can get 14-year jail sentence

A police spokesperson in the southern Delta state on Tuesday told reporters that 67 people will be prosecuted for “allegedly conducting and attending a same-sex wedding ceremony.”

Bar Council of India passes resolution opposing recognition of same-sex marriage, says it is against culture and socio-religious structure of the country

Bar Council of India showed great anxiety and serious concern over a batch of petitions currently examined by the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court pertaining to 'marriage equality rights for LGBTQAI+ community'.

FIFA World Cup in Qatar: US journalist stopped from entering stadium for sporting LGBTQ T-shirt, gets schooled to respect Islamic laws

Those who mouth platitudes about LGBTQ rights and free speech disappeared in thin air after Wahl narrated the incident on Twitter.

Disney president wants more Disney characters to be LGBTQ+ or racial minorities, says her own children are ‘pansexual’ and ‘transgender’

Disney themed parks in the USA now refer their visitors as ''Dreamers of all ages" instead of "ladies and gentleman, boys and girls."

Walt Disney goes full woke, jumps in to oppose Ron DeSantis’ Florida bill that aims to prevent small children taught sexual orientation at school

Disney makes its position clear about the 'Don't Say Gay' Bill, condemns it officially after LGBTQ employees protest on its campuses against the Florida bill.

Disney employees draw swords against the company over the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in Florida, here is all what happened

Disney Employees protest against the company after Florida passed 'Don't Say Gay' bill restricting teaching 'gender identity' to children

China bans gay dating app Grindr citing national law on security

Popular Gay dating app Grindr was removed from play stores across China since the Lunar New Year Holidays.

Gay man asks activist Ankit Bhuptani for recommendation letter to ‘take refuge in Canada’, gets shut down for being a Khalistani

Activist Ankit Bhuptani refused recommendation letter to 'take refuge in Canada' to a man for being a Khalistani

China’s WeChat deletes LGBT+ and other groups at most major universities overnight

Homosexuality is legal in China but was classified as a mental disorder until 2001. However, same sex marriage is not recognised.

Society is changing and we need to accommodate everyone so they do not feel isolated: RSS backs LGBT rights

The apex court on September 6, 2018, had unanimously decriminalised the part of Section 377, which criminalised same-gender sex, saying it violated the rights to equality

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