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‘Punishment for pre-marital sex is 100 lashes in Islam’: Allahabad HC refuses protection to an interfaith live-in couple as they don’t intend to marry...

Highlighting that sexual relations before marriage is haram in islam, Allahabad High Court declined protection to interfaith live-in couple.

Nikah nahi ki hai toh bachha bhi haram hoga- Jamia scholar Shoaib Jamai’s words that made Subuhi Khan attack him live on air

A debate how on News 18, titled ‘Desh Nahi Jhukne Denge with Aman Chopra’ is garnering a lot of social media attention because of a fight that happened between Subuhi Khan and Shoaib Jamai during the show

Muslim cleric maintains that reciting Islamic prayers for non-Muslims is ‘haram’ but claims he didn’t say it in referance to PM Modi’s mother

The president of the All India Muslim Jamaat, Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi, stated that any Muslim reciting prayers for a departed non-Muslim's soul is against Shariat.

Once a mistake, twice a pattern, thrice a habit: Rahul Gandhi again avoids sharing images of Hindu Gods as he extends wishes on Rath...

Just a bow and arrow on Ram Navami, a peacock feather on Janmashtami, empty chariots on Rath Yatra: Rahul Gandhi avoids sharing the images of Hindu Gods while wishing on Hindu festivals.

Ukraine: Deputy Mayor of Dnipro city threatens to bury Muslim Chechen soldiers in pigskins

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro, Mykhailo Lysen said that Muslim Chechen soldiers will be sewn up and buried in pigskins

Doctor behind pig-to-human heart transplant draws flak from family over the use of an animal forbidden in Islam: Details

While history was created by putting a pig heart in the human heart, the Muslim doctor behind the medical breakthrough got ‘remorse’ at home

Job in Paytm is haram, mobile recharging halal, talking on phone allowed but not taking photos: More answers to modern questions by Darul Uloom

On the website of Darul Uloom, a slew of inquiries seeks solutions from the Deobandi school on various modern issues

‘Miya Bhai’ YouTube rapper quits music citing Islam, watch Asaduddin Owaisi dancing to his song

Ruhaan Arshad had shot to fame in November 2018 following the release of his rap song titled 'Miya Bhai.'

Islamic organisation from Indonesia declares cryptocurrency ‘Haraam’ under Sharia law

East Java branch of the Indonesia Islamic organisation Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) has deemed crypto Haraam under Islamic law (Sharia law)

Days before Bakri Eid, members of Muslim community urge Muslims not to slaughter goats

Many Muslims have also said that they have given up meat after they witnessed animals being subjected to cruelty.

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